Microsoft is Adding a News Feed to Windows 10 For Some Reason

Posted on January 6, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 67 Comments

Microsoft is giving Windows 10 users yet another feature they can disable until it’s discontinued in a few years: A news and interests feed on the taskbar. Right. I don’t know why either.

Based on the provided screenshots, this news feed appears to look and work like the bastard child of the Sidebar from Windows Vista and the Start menu from Windows 10, with tiles representing headlines, weather, stock prices, and the like. It’s accessible from yet another button to the left of the system notification area at the far right of the taskbar, where it takes up valuable on-screen real estate.

“You can personalize your feed with relevant content tailored for you,” Microsoft notes of the feature, which seems like a ghost of Creators Updates past. “Instead of switching between apps or your PC and phone to stay up to date with the news and interests you care about, [you can] seamlessly peek into your feed directly from the taskbar anytime you want throughout your day.”

For those concerned about privacy, Microsoft also says that this feature uses the Microsoft Edge controls for limiting (but not disabling) tracking from advertisers and third parties. And you can, of course, disable this feature.

Which I assume most people will.

Anyway, this feature is now available in a new build in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Dev channel, meaning that it may never appear in Windows anyway. Cross your fingers.

Also, check out the original Microsoft post for more info.

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