New Windows Insider Build Adds a Few Minor Improvements

Posted on February 12, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 17 Comments

Microsoft has released a new Windows Insider Program Dev build, which you’ll recall is not matched to any specific Windows version. But unlike most recent Dev builds, there are a few minor improvements and changes.

They are:

News and interests comes to more markets. The poorly named “news and interests experience on the taskbar” is now available in “a broader set of international languages and markets.” Previously, it was only available in United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and India. It’s not clear what those languages and markets are; we just know it’s not available in China.

Microsoft Edge replaces Microsoft Edge Legacy. No surprise here, but I suppose the big news is that Legacy Edge is finally gone for good.

Input Method Editor (IME) improvements. Microsoft is redesigning its IME to be more modern, with an optimized font size and quicker access to emoji. Irritatingly, the Insider Program is also A/B testing this change because it hates doing the right thing.

Beyond that, there are several fixes, including this fun one: The display product version is now “Dev” since the Dev channel isn’t matched to any coming Windows 10 version. It is most decidedly not “Windows 10 vNext,” for example. (That would be the Beta channel, normally.)

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Comments (17)

17 responses to “New Windows Insider Build Adds a Few Minor Improvements”

  1. Shel Dyck

    perhaps some day Beta will be about vnext rather than 20H2, at which point I'd switch from Dev.

  2. Matthew Santacroce (InnoTechLLC)

    I thought they were going to stop this stupid A/B testing strategy....

  3. jumpingjackflash5

    I've got the feeling that Windows is going nowhere. Maybe it will be just a runtime to run Windows apps, mainly legacy ones. No real new operating system features, no performance improvements done by architecture evolution. No optimization for mobile and battery life (such as even Windows 8.1 was). As others write years of overall inconsistency and Fluent UI remained a promise only. That is pretty sad. I am still running it, but ....

  4. hrlngrv

    we just no it’s not available in China.

    This made it through Grammarly without a warning, did it?

  5. dftf

    Yeah, it's pretty confusing thesedays: someone in the forums said his main PC was running the latest stable 20H2 update; yet his test PC, in the Dev program, has the latest February 2021 update, but WINVER reports it as "Version 2004".

    Why can't they just be simple and have three channels: "Next Up", "Beta" and "Alpha". "Next Up" would always be one version ahead; "Beta" would be on the next major version, and "Alpha" two-major versions ahead.


    At present (using 20H2): Stable = 20H2; "Next Up" = 21H1; "Beta" = 21H1; "Alpha" = 22H1

    Once 21H1 goes stable: Stable = 21H1; "Next Up" = 21H2; "Beta" = 22H1; "Alpha" = 23H1

    Once 21H2 goes stable: Stable = 21H2; "Next Up" = 22H1; "Beta" = 22H1; "Alpha" = 23H1

    Once 22H1 goes stable: Stable = 22H1; "Next Up" = 21H2; "Beta" = 23H1; "Alpha" = 24H1

    "Beta" and "Alpha" channels only update to the major ("H1") releases; "Next Up" also test the minor ("H2") versions

  6. winner

    How's that Control Panel/Settings consolidation coming? How about the updating of the Win 98 dialog boxes?

    Oh, wait.

    Microsoft is prioritizing "News and Interests...."

    • navarac

      In reply to Winner:

      They need to prioritise consistency. Not all this other nonsense. Who wants News & Interests on business desktops? Or 3d crap? etc etc etc

      • Greg Green

        In reply to navarac:

        That’s the interesting part. Strategically MS seems to have abandoned the consumer (except for gaming) and is working for businesses, yet the Windows division doesn’t seem to realize this. It’s like they think they're still a phone os that requires regular updates and consumer widgets.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to Winner:

      It comes as a surprise to you that MSFT prioritizes eyewash and annoyanceware over functionality, does it?

  7. simont

    Small typo: "we just no it’s" which I assume should be: "we just know it's