Microsoft Paint and Snipping Tool Will Both Be Updated in the Store

Posted on April 7, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 22 Comments

Following this morning’s rumors about Paint heading to the Store, Microsoft confirmed that news and will also update Snipping Tool that way.

News about the changes came as part of a blog post about a mostly innocuous Windows 10 Insider Preview build for some reason. That build has little in the new way of truly new features, but Microsoft is letting users personalize the news and interests pop-up it’s adding to the taskbar, and it is updating the Display and Camera pages in Setting as well.

As far as Paint and Snipping Tool go, both will continue to be offered in Windows 10, but both will be serviced through the Microsoft Store going forward. Paint is getting a new icon that’s more consistent with the current icon look and feel in Windows 10 (where today it still has the old glass look from Windows Vista). As with Notepad, the Paint shortcut will now be available directly in the top level of the Start menu and will no longer be buried in a folder.

And Snipping Tool is finally replacing Snip & Sketch, and will be updated in the Store, though it’s not getting a new icon.

Microsoft previously noted that it would change the name of the Windows Administrative Tools folder in Start to Windows Tools. Now, it is removing the Windows Accessories, Windows Administrative Tools, Windows PowerShell, and Windows System folders from Start and putting all the respective tools into a new Windows Tools “entry point.” I believe this will no longer be a folder as Microsoft notes instead that it will “direct to the full apps list in File Explorer.”

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Comments (26)

26 responses to “Microsoft Paint and Snipping Tool Will Both Be Updated in the Store”

  1. navarac

    As long as I can turn off the rubbish/advertising depicted in the header picture. The News and Interest "thing" is going to be an intrusion enough to finally tip me totally to Linux.

  2. KingPCGeek

    In reply to spiderman2:

    I know that. But Snip and Sketch operates just like any other crippled Windows Store app

  3. rbwatson0


    Is the snipping tool what you use to write your 'snippy' short takes articles? ;-)

  4. dftf

    Hard to see what else they could add to Paint... the whole-point is it's supposed to be simple. If you have more-complex needs, use Paint.NET or GIMP.

    As for Snip & Sketch it's pretty-decent right-now. Though what Windows 10 could really use is some simple screen-recorder utility that would work on all devices (as the Xbox Game Bar screen-record only works on higher-end devices). GIF Recorder is planned as a future PowerToy, but who knows when that may materialise?

    And for those who think only Microsoft are bad at neglecting their built-in apps: the "Pixel Launcher" default home-screen app on Google's phones last received an update on 17 April 2017, according to the Play Store listing. Kinda hard to ever see Pixel being "the iPhone of the Android world" when as-of next Saturday their default launcher won't have been updated in FOUR YEARS!

    • navarac

      In reply to dftf:

      What's the fixation with updating everything anyway? Half the time it is only a marketing tool to convince people it is "new". They used to just put the "new" flash on the box, and gullible people flocked to buy it!

  5. sherlockholmes

    Does somebody really care about the Store at this point?

  6. javial

    Migrating real Win32 apps to the limited and slowly ugly smartphone style UWP Store apps. UWP is a cancer.

  7. KingPCGeek

    Turning the Snipping Tool into a Windows store app scares me. The benefit that the Snipping Tool had over Snip & Sketch was the email snip function since it could use your default mail client when it was Outlook. Snip & Sketch after almost two years has not figured out how to email out of Outlook and only will do it via the will not email through Outlook, it wants to use the Windows 10 mail app.

  8. bluvg

    Snip & Sketch is getting replaced by Snipping Tool? I thought it was the other way around. I love the WinKey+Shift+S macro with S&S. However, it seems to be jacked up on some Win10 machines recently.

  9. Mikael Koskinen

    Little confused about Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch, which is replacing which? At least currently Snipping Tool recommends to try Snip & Sketch:

    But the wording in Microsoft's article is maybe a little strange:

    Snipping Tool is now updateable via the Microsoft Store outside major OS updates. It has been packaged together with Snip & Sketch so we can deliver updates for both at the same time. It has also been promoted out of the Windows Accessories folder to its own place in the Start menu.

    NOTE: Because we’re combining both Snip & Sketch and Snipping Tool, Insiders who previously did not have Snip & Sketch installed will see Snipping Tool removed after updating to this build and will have to go and install Snip & Sketch from the Store to get it back.

    • zorb56

      In reply to MikaelKoskinen:

      I'm confused here as well.... Is Snipping Tool going away in favor of Snip & Sketch? That was my impression until reading the above article and listening to Windows Weekly. Now I don't know what to think.

      • Paul Thurrott

        Sorry for the confusion. But this is on the always poorly-written Insider blog. Which wrote: "Because we’re combining both Snip & Sketch and Snipping Tool, Insiders who previously did not have Snip & Sketch installed will see Snipping Tool removed after updating to this build and will have to go and install Snip & Sketch from the Store to get it back." Good luck deciphering what's what there.
  10. hrlngrv

    As for the new Windows Tools entry point, more proof (if needed) that consistency isn't one of MSFT's strengths. Right-click on Command Prompt, and it includes a Run as administrator entry. Right-click on File Explorer, and it lacks such an entry. Actually, all the items under Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Windows Tools except File Manager and Power Automate Desktop have Run as administrator entries in the popup menus. So the fastest way to run File Explorer as Administrator remains keeping a shortcut for it on one's desktop, and using that shortcut's popup menu. Why does MSFT make it so difficult to run File Explorer as Administrator?

    Amusingly, this new Windows Tools view in Control Panel includes itself; the Windows Tools icon appears in Windows Tools.

    Far less amusingly, the items in this new Windows Tools view aren't shortcuts, so one can't assign keyboard accelerators for them as one could do with Start menu .LNK shortcuts. I've been using [Ctrl]+[Alt]+. to launch Command Prompt for decades at this point.

    One step forwards, two steps back.

  11. hrlngrv

    Just like Notepad, I had to track down the .PNG files which serve as icons for Store apps, copy them elsewhere, make them into .ICO files, then make .LNK shortcuts use those .ICO files as icon sources. MSFT really wants to make it harder for those using 3rd party Start menu alternatives.

    How long before WordPad, Steps Recorder and Charmap become Store apps? Why stop there? Why not Task Manager, and Powershell ISEs? All the accessibility applets (not that I use any)?

  12. lewk

    My favourite thing about this blog post is how they talk up this new camera settings page with the ability to change camera settings like brightness and contrast right from settings. Then add this at the bottom of the blog post:

    • "The Windows Camera App currently does not respect the default brightness setting set via the new Camera Settings page."

    Classic Microsoft! ?

  13. jchampeau

    Thank God! I was just thinking it sure would be nice if Microsoft could move Paint, which came out in 1985 with Windows 1.0, to the store so they could start updating it more than twice a year when new Windows versions come out. Whew.

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