New Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 Leak Contains New Mail and Calendar Apps

Posted on April 5, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

A newly leaked build of Windows 10 Technical Preview 2—build 10051—contains new universal app versions of Mail and Calendar. And yes, they look exactly as you’d expect, with the same sparse user experience we see with other universal apps.

I don’t have my hands on the build yet, but I’ll try to find it today. This shot comes courtesy of Roman on Twitter and pretty much captures the essence of these new app versions:

New Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 Leak Contains New Mail and Calendar Apps

The Mail app supports message swipe actions like other Microsoft mobile email clients, meaning you can swipe left on a message to flag it or swipe right to delete. And it appears that Mail and Calendar finally support Google accounts, as they do today on Windows Phone (but not “big” Windows).


According to a build 10051 changelog leaked by WZOR, there aren’t too many major changes in this build, and I agree with Brad Sams at Neowin that we’re unlikely to get this build officially from Microsoft. But it’s still an interesting progression from build 10049, which received universal app versions of Music and Video last week.

Same old desktop.

Same old desktop.

More soon, I hope.

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