Windows 10 RTM is Reportedly Imminent

Windows 10 RTM is Reportedly Imminent

No surprises here, but separately-sourced reports suggest that Microsoft will finalize, or RTM (release to manufacturing), Windows 10 this week, setting the stage for the system’s late July release.

Neowin reports that Windows 10 is “in the final stages of testing right now,” and “is expected to be signed off this week.” Brad Sams cites internal sources, meaning sources within Microsoft.

Over at The Verge, Tom Warren notes that “Microsoft is planning to finalize Windows 10 this week,” and that “a release to manufacturing (RTM) build [is] expected later this week.” Tom cites “sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans,” which could be people outside of Microsoft, perhaps at a partner.

These reports bear out what I was told by Dell last week, that Windows 10 would need to be delivered to PC makers “within days” in order for PC makers to deliver new hardware to retail stores in the US in time for July 29, Windows 10’s initial launch day. But I don’t really need to independently confirm these reports: Both writers are credible and reliable, and common sense tells us that Windows 10 will need to be finalized soon.

There is, however, also last week’s rapid-fire release of three new Windows 10 builds in just four days. While Sams, Mary Jo Foley and Microsoft’s Gabe Aul joked on Twitter that Microsoft planned these releases for my week off in Ireland—I come home Wednesday—a more likely (though less hilarious) reason is that Microsoft is racing to complete Windows 10. So we’re really getting close to—or are within—what we used to think of as the RC (release candidate) phase.


However you look at it, I think it’s clear that Windows 10 will indeed be finalized this week, barring any last second issue. And in keeping with previous Windows and Windows Phone releases, I expect further improvements to ship via Windows Update, even before the July 29 GA (general availability) date. This one is going to come in hot.

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