Hello, Windows 10

Hello, Windows 10

The Windows 10 advertising tsunami kicks off with something cute. And you know what? That’s a smart move.

The first ad, which you can view now on YouTube, is called Introducing Windows 10 – The future starts now. It reminds me a bit of the excellent “I’m a PC” ads from a few years ago because it focuses on diversity, which I think is a strong message for Windows and a nice rejoinder to the numbing sameness of Apple’s mobile products.

But “the future starts now” is also clearly different, and focuses on babies from a variety of cultures, or what Microsoft is implicitly referring to as its future users. Better still, it does a delightful job of explaining key Windows 10 features and advances without being heavy-handed about it.

“Imagine,” the ad starts. “These kids won’t have to remember passwords. Or obsess about security. For them, every screen is meant to be touched, and web pages are meant to be scribbled on, shared. They’ll expect their devices to listen to them, and talk, and sing, tell a funny joke. And as they grow, and get better at things, their technology will too. They’ll do things their parents never even dreamed of. ‘Cause these kids will grow up with Windows 10.”

And then the tagline. “The future starts now. For all of us. Windows 10: a more human way to do.”

Bravo, Microsoft. This ad hits at exactly the right tone. It’s nice, it’s cute … and best of all, it’s true.

Love it.

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