Edge Extensions Are Still Coming, Microsoft Won’t Commit To A Release Date

Posted on September 15, 2015 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

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With Windows 10, Microsoft is shipping a new browser called Edge that replaces Internet Explorer. For a brand new browser, although it does use a heavily modified Trident engine, Edge has a lot of catching up to do as other apps like Chrome and Firefox have had years to implement new features.

For most users, on July 29th, they cut Microsoft some slack as Edge does perform well and for the most part, handles the average consumers’ needs. But, for the power user, or even the savvy consumer, one crucial feature is still not available; extensions. Microsoft has promised that the feature is coming but for those hoping the team behind the browser would commit to a public release date, they are still holding back that information.

The Edge development team held a question and answer session today on Twitter and when asked about extensions, the team responded that there is “no timeframe as of yet”.

Hopefully this is the team avoiding announcing features that will arrive with Threshold wave 2 but even a “soon” would be better than a non-committal answer.

Extensions are an important part of the browsing experience and I know that quite a few readers will say “I’d switch to Edge if only it supported extension” which means that Edge adoption rate could be higher than it is now, if only the feature was available.

Still, extensions are coming to the browser, at some point, which will improve the browsing experience but for now, we all must wait, which is something many Microsoft fans are used to.

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