Microsoft Posts, Then Pulls, Page Detailing Extensions For Edge

Posted on December 10, 2015 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

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Microsoft has promised that extensions are coming to Edge and while they were initially supposed to show up this fall, the company missed the deadline. But, it looks like the feature is going to be coming very soon as a page detailing some of the extensions was spotted online.

The image, below, is a screen shot of the page and as you can see, Microsoft hasn’t exactly decided when the functionality will arrive to Insiders. The text on the now pulled page has a blank XXXXX for the build number that will be the first version of Edge that will include this feature. Also, the FAQ section of the site has filler text.


A couple of the first extensions, based on the page, that will be available at release will be one for Pinterest and the popular Reddit Enhancement Suite, also known as RES.

According to the page, in the early release, Extensions can only be added manually. You will have to download the files and place them into the correct folder inside of Edge to add the features but it is expected in the final release, this will be an automated process.

I had previously heard that the extensions for Edge were nearly identical to those used for Chrome and that still appears to be the case. H0x0d, who grabbed the image above, was able to download a few of the assets and notes that “Comparing Edge version vs. Chrome version of same extension, basically substitute “chrome” with “msBrowser”, [and] few minor changes”.

Extensions for Edge is likely one of the top, if not the top, requested feature for the browser. The add-on functionality for Chrome and Firefox has allowed those browsers to be customized to the consumer’s preference and with Edge being the only browser not supporting the functionality, it puts it at a serious disadvantage.

The company has still not publicly said when the functionality will be released but seeing as they are putting together a landing page for the feature, it appears that it should be arriving soon.

Thanks for the image @h0x0d


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