Microsoft Posts Developer Videos for Windows 10 Version 1511

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Microsoft Posts Developer Videos for Windows 10 Version 1511

Microsoft’s Channel 9 has posted a new series of videos dedicated to getting developers up-to-date on the changes in Windows 10 version 1511. These videos are essentially an on-demand version of a live event that Microsoft recently held.

As a refresher, Microsoft does a great job with its developer-oriented videos, which are typically posted to Channel 9 and/or Microsoft Virtual Academy.

For beginning and aspiring developers, I strongly recommend Bob Tabor’s amazing and free Windows 10 development for absolute beginners video series. This series is an astonishing 80 episodes long and it covers an amazing array of topics. (And if you don’t know the C# programming language, no worries: Bob offers a great C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners series too.)

For more advanced/experienced developers, Microsoft’s Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 with Shen Chauhan and Andy Wigley is the way to go. This series was originally presented as a live, two day whirl-wind tour of the Windows 10 developer platform.

So, perhaps not surprisingly, the new Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 Version 1511 is a follow-up to that latter series. It, too, was a live event, and it’s now available on-demand from the Channel 9 web site.

Major new features in this update include Windows 10 for Mobile, Continuum for Mobile, next gen authentication using Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport, and the new Windows Store for Business. Learn how developers can take advantage of these new features.

Available sessions include:

What’s New for Developers in Windows 10 Version 1511 and the 10586 SDK

Building Apps for Continuum

Creating fluid and beautiful UI using the new Visual Layer

Moving beyond passwords and credential theft with Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello

Windows 10 for Business: Publishing apps to the Business Store



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