TripAdvisor Windows 10 App To Be Pre-Loaded On Windows 10 Devices

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TripAdvisor, a popular website for those looking for travel advice and reviews, will be releasing an app for Windows 10 this year. The product will be a true Universal app which means that it will work across all devices that are running Windows 10.

The app will support comparing hotel prices, booking hotel rooms, looking up restaurants, booking reservations at restaurants and of course you can view the reviews contributed by the more than 290 million members who use the site. In addition, the app will support ‘Near Me Now’, a tool that brings up nearby points of interest.

But, the interesting thing, or upsetting fact about this app, is that it is going to be bundled on ‘millions of Windows 10 compatible devices’. While the post does not explicitly state where the app will appear, it looks like this is going to be more bundleware like Candy Crush.

Reading between the lines, it appears that Microsoft is paying for, or offered up the opportunity to bundle the app with Windows 10, to get TripAdvisor to build the app for Windows 10. If this is the case, it’s not a great sign if Microsoft has to head down this path to get big name brands to build applications for the OS even with over 200 million installs of the OS.

TripAdvisor doesn’t say when the app will be released but seeing as they are announcing it today, it shouldn’t be long before it shows up in the store or on your next PC.

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