HP Spectre x360 Limited Edition Preview

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HP Spectre x360 Limited Edition Preview
While it’s still a bit early for a “best of 2015” roundup, I’ll ruin the ending and state quite confidently that the HP Spectre x360 will be making the list. So it was with some interest that I discovered the firm would soon ship a Limited Edition version of that fine 2-in-1. Here’s what’s new.

The new HP Spectre x360 Limited Edition will offer four major advances over the already excellent (and, now, somewhat diminished) “normal” version of the x360:

Stunning new colors. The HP Spectre x360 Limited Edition comes in a new “Ash Silver with Copper” color scheme that I find simply beautiful. That it makes my lovely aluminum silver HP Spectre x360 look like crap is a bit alarming. I need this new version.


Bang & Olufsen audio. Like HP’s other recent PCs, the Spectre x360 Limited Edition now features Bang & Olufsen audio (where the original x360 featured just unbranded HP audio because the firm wasn’t yet ready to announce the Bang & Olufsen partnership earlier this year).


6th generation Intel Core-i processors. As you should expect, the new HP Spectre x360 Limited Edition ships with the latest Intel “Skylake” processors.


Windows 10. Equally obvious, the new Spectre x360

Everything else, literally, is the same. That’s mostly good, as the Spectre x360 already offered a unique blend of nearly-perfect components wrapped in a stunning and hardy case. But it’s not all good: This device inexplicably lacks any form of Windows Hello-compatible sign-in technology, such as an Intel RealSense camera or even a fingerprint reader. This is, I think, a missed opportunity.

Obviously, HP is updating its “normal” Spectre x360 with the audio, the Intel chipset and with Windows 10. And that version will continue to retail for $899 and up. The HP Spectre x360 Limited Edition will become available in the United States on November 8—at both HP.com and Best Buy—and will start at $1,299. Me wants.

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