Microsoft Provides Windows 10 Build 10565 on ISO

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

Microsoft Provides Windows 10 Build 10565 on ISO

Microsoft on Thursday took the rare step of releasing the most recent Windows 10 Insider build in ISO form. This is the first time it has issued a Windows 10 ISO since the RTM release in late July.

News of the ISO release arrived via Gabe Aul’s Twitter account.

And while Mr. Aul didn’t explain the decision, you may recall that build 10565 is the first build of Windows 10 to support the new activation scheme by which you can use a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 product key to activate Windows 10 on the PC for which the product key was previously used. So users interested in testing this functionality can use the ISO to perform a clean install of the new OS.

You can download the Windows 10 build 10565 ISO from the Microsoft web site. As far as best practices/advice goes, nothing has changed: This will work just like the RTM ISO.

Normally, Microsoft ships a Windows 10 build on ISO when it is delivered to the Slow ring. But the firm has never delivered a Slow ring build since before the Windows 10 RTM. So each post-RTM build has only been delivered to the Fast ring, and no ISO releases have occurred.

Until now. Enjoy!


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