Windows 10 Tip: Discover New Music with Groove

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Windows 10 Tip: Discover New Music with Groove

Starting with the Anniversary Update, the Groove app in Windows 10 can now help you discover music with a new feature called Your Music, somewhat closing the gap with more popular music services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Note: This article is an excerpt from the Windows 10 Field Guide. This book is now being updated for free with a ton of new content describing new Windows 10 features from the Anniversary update. –Paul


The music you discover with Your Music can be music you already own or, if you have a Groove Music Pass subscription, it can also include new music from Microsoft’s cloud collection. This music is presented as playlists. And while some of these are mundane enough—Recent plays, for example—most of the playlists are curated specifically for your tastes. That is, Groove examines the music in your collection and then makes recommendations via these playlists.

Note: For Your Groove to work properly, you should have at least 500 songs in your collection, in Groove Music Pass or OneDrive or both. See Windows 10 Tip: Copy Your Own Music to OneDrive and Play It In Groove for more info on that topic.

Find and play a Your Groove playlist

As you can see from scrolling through the list of available playlists, Your Groove packages its playlists according to mood, genre, and even activities like focusing on work, getting a party started, and the like.


You can play a Your Groove playlist directly from the main view—just mouse over one and you’ll see a Play button appear—or you can select a playlist and then play it from that view instead. When you do so, the playlist replaces whatever might have been in Now Playing.


Copy a Your Groove playlist to your collection

Playlists from Your Groove are read-only and are updated automatically by Microsoft. So you cannot just add them to your collection. But you can copy a Your Groove playlist to your collection, either as a new playlist, or into an existing playlist. And then you can edit them as you would normally with your own playlist.

To copy a Your Groove playlist to a new playlist, mouse over it in the list and then select the Copy button that appears. You’ll be prompted to name the new playlist.


You can also copy a Your Groove playlist to a new playlist by viewing that Your Groove playlist and selecting “Save a copy.” To add the Your Groove Playlist to an existing playlist, select More (“…”), then Add, and then the name of the playlist.



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