Windows App Studio Now Fully Supports Windows 10

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Windows App Studio Now Fully Supports Windows 10

Microsoft has released an update to its web-based Windows App Studio tool that supports Windows 10. As with previous versions, this tool helps you build apps with no or minimal code. But now you can submit apps to Windows Store without needing Visual Studio.

Microsoft first provided support for the Windows 10 Insider Preview back in May. But this past week’s update is the first to support the shipping version of Windows 10.

New features in the latest release include:

Directly submit your app. You can now submit your app to the Store through Dev Center, also on the web, and without an intermediate step in Visual Studio as before.

Generate Windows 10 store packages. Windows App Studio can now generate a Store package for Windows 10 apps, and will even automatically create screenshots for the Store listing.

Full screen simulator. This release includes a full screen simulator so you can interact with your app in a full screen mode as you’re working on it.

Windows App Studio Collection App. Now you can manage the contents of your app’s collection from outside of App Studio, meaning that you can update the app’s data, “and it will update the data in your relevant projects and apps with no additional actions required.”

Live Tiles editor. Windows App Studio now provides an integrated live tiles editor so you can make your app more dynamic.

And more…. Microsoft says it also added advanced theme and icon editors, better sideloading support for Windows 10 apps, a hero image editor, improvements to the user experience in apps generated with added visual features, initial Windows 10 IoT support, Windows App Studio NuGet packages, and source code on GitHub for libraries and sample apps.

You can find out more at the Windows App Studio web site.


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