Thurrott Daily: September 26

Posted on September 26, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Games, Mobile, Music + Videos, Windows 10 with 29 Comments

Thurrott Daily: September 26

It’s a busy week in Atlanta for Microsoft Ignite. But here are some tech tidbits from around the web.

9/26/2016 6:26:25 PM

Report: OneDrive Placeholders are coming back, now called On-Demand Sync

I’m not sure what to make of this one. MSPowerUser writes:

At Ignite 2016, Microsoft has just announced that it is bringing Placeholders back to OneDrive on Windows 10. Now, they are not called Placeholders anymore — Microsoft is renaming the feature to “On-Demand Sync” which makes a lot more sense than “Placeholders”.

The company demoed this feature at Microsoft Ignite today, and it works just like it used to previously … Of course, this feature isn’t anything new as it was available back in the Windows 8 days. However, Microsoft removed the feature with Windows 10, and after lots of waiting, they are finally coming back.

So. Hm.

This doesn’t sound right to me. And I find it odd that such a blockbuster revelation was mentioned in an Ignite demo when the presenter and his team posted two humongous posts today, SharePoint innovations further advance intelligence and collaboration in Office 365 and Major OneDrive updates at Ignite 2016 include SharePoint Online sync preview and never even mentioned this change. I hope its true and not just some partial step back to true placeholders functionality, as I fear.

Disney emerges as Twitter suitor … for some reason

This makes zero sense to me, but Bloomberg says that Disney is considering buying Twitter.

Walt Disney Co. is working with a financial adviser to evaluate a possible bid for Twitter Inc., according to people familiar with the matter.

After receiving interest in discussing a deal, Twitter has started a process to evaluate a potential sale. Inc. is also considering a bid and is working with Bank of America on the process, according to other people, who asked not to be named because the matter is private.

Representatives for Twitter and Disney didn’t respond to requests for comment.

I think Microsoft could make a case for buying Twitter, and certainly Google could. Salesforce? No. Disney? Not even close.

Android + Chrome = Andromeda

If you thought running Android apps on Chrome was a threat to Windows, your head is going to explode when you see what Android Police says Google is plotting next.

Two independent and reliable sources have confirmed to us that Google is planning a new Pixel laptop to be released in Q3 2017. The project, known internally as ‘Bison’ and by the informal nickname ‘Pixel 3,’ will likely be the first brand-new device to showcase Google’s combined Android / Chrome OS ‘Andromeda’ operating system in a laptop form factor. Bison, then, would be the culmination of years of work by Google’s Pixel team and Google’s Android and Chrome OS teams.

We are extremely confident Google plans for the device to run Andromeda. We are also confident that Andromeda is a completely distinct effort from Google’s current campaign to bring Android apps to Chromebooks, and that Bison would not be marketed as a Chromebook. Android apps on Chrome OS descended from the ARC project, while Andromeda is a much larger, more ambitious initiative that is being pursued via merging Chrome features into Android, not vice versa. As such, it would be more accurate to say Bison will run Android than Chrome OS, and could finally be Google’s internal commitment to releasing Andromeda.

Very interesting. But Q3 2017? Come on. Too slow.

Zombie Author Max Brooks Writing Minecraft Novel

The world was just crying out for a Minecraft novel, I’m sure.Mojang. which for some reason gets to pretend it’s not Microsoft, explains the unexplainable.

Yes, that’s Max Brooks, the author of amazing future-history zombie yarn World War Z. He’s writing a Minecraft novel, titled “Minecraft: The Island”. I’ve peeked at an early draft and it’s entirely amazing, just as we knew it would be. Think cuboid Robinson Crusoe, but madder: a hero stranded in an unfamiliar land, with unfamiliar rules, learning to survive against tremendous odds.

We’re all huge fans of Max’s work in books and comics – The Harlem Hellfighters and The Extinction Parade are personal favourites – and his enthusiasm for Minecraft is truly inspiring.

“I’m very excited to be part of this new venture,” said Max Brooks. “Finally I can justify all those hours I’ve spent playing Minecraft.”

Crazy. That said, Max Brooks is amazing.

The the 4K Google Chromecast Ultra gets outted

VentureBeat publishes a high-quality render of the Chromecast Ultra, which we can expect to be announced soon.

Google is holding a wide-ranging hardware launch event on October 4, where it’s expected to debut a pair of Pixel-branded phones, a VR headset, a Wi-Fi router, the Amazon Echo-like Google Home, and the device pictured here, a 4K-capable digital media player. A person familiar with the company’s plans confirmed an Android Police report that the device will be marketed as the Chromecast Ultra.

Tipped to run firmware version 1.21 at retail, the Ultra will allegedly be sold alongside the existing high definition Chromecast dongle, released last year. Whereas that product retails for $35, Ultra will cost nearly double at $69.

Since I just got a 4K TV, I’m really looking forward to this one.

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29 responses to “Thurrott Daily: September 26”

  1. 5496

    . Login isn't complete. I signed in with twitter. So now when I sign in, I have to go back to the registration page. Then once I say sign in with twitter. It doesn't redirect me back to the previous page.
    Login with twitter(and the others) should be an option at the top, when we click log in.

    I think they should only be 1 comments section. Not 2.
    Non premis should be able to reply to premis.
    Why do you have 2 different one anyway?
    You shouldn’t segregate.
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    A new line is just like office. Where you have a big space between lines.
    We can't block people, so I can't block trolls.
    I prefer the old disqus.

    • 5528

      Agree. Segregation feels like something from the dark-ages. Afterall, segregation has been so "sucessful" in history, right?

  2. 5520

    Andromeda in Q3 2017? sounds quite sensible to me as that's 2 years past the general availability of W10 which is perhaps long enough period for people to confirm that they want to stay with Windows or perhaps migrate to the Google environment. 


    Personally I'm on the fence at the moment but I can see the possible attractions

  3. 5508

    Andromeda Strain - could be deadly.

  4. 1534

    Since I keep my my Lightroom database and Lightroom catalog on OneDrive, On-Demand Sync sounds great!

  5. 4964

    I wonder if On-Demand Sync is the Shared folder sync mentioned in the OneDrive blog?

  6. 996

    As someone who is rolling out chrome OS on thin clients for a large client, I can honestly say it is a joke. It's slow, it's broken and does backwards connections and citrix solutions to run legacy software. Nothing works as a cohesive system or together, and they're losing money on it. I personally hate it and seriously doubt it'd have a big enough impact on Windows to worry Microsoft at this point. So that Andromeda sounds just as terrible. Unless Google can somehow bend the mobile app paradigm into a heavy lifter for the business sector, I am not worried by this futuristic jargon.

  7. 639

    Android + Chrome = Andromeda

    So Windows 10 with more mobile apps?  I was pretty sure they made a statement that they were not going to go this route.  I guess I was mistaken.

  8. 186

    What do the 6 sided icons of a mean on everyone's photo?

  9. 3375

    I think the minecraft novel sounds interesting.  Maybe it will get kids to read some more.  He talked about it at Minecon and it ties into his survival writing.  He likes to play survival with his son.  

  10. 217

    I keep trying to reply but it keeps replying to the last thread posted - very odd

  11. 217

    Andromeda is not only a direct threat to MIcrosoft, but to Apple also. We live in interesting times

  12. 5531

    Andromeda. The galaxy ours is destined to be consumed by several billion years from now. Haha, great name

  13. 5530

    I don't think Q3 2017 is that bad for Andromeda. We'll see how far Windows 10 goes in that time frame. Microsoft needs to take this seriously.

  14. 907

    I think it is ok for Google to take the time to get Andromeda right. We all saw how disasterous it was for MS with the first Surface model in releasing a second rate product.

  15. 5394

    Disney is in the news business with ABC News and ESPN. The value of Twitter to Disney is not clear. 

    • 1451

      Twitter is a diffrent way to reach a set of content consumers than the existing parts of cuirrent Disney. Disney produces content, among other things. Twitter makes sense to me.

  16. 570

    The "On Demand Sync" would put OneDrive a step beyond what others offer. What a selling point. That, along with the 1 TB of storage with Office 365, makes the $99 a year a great value. I don't know why Microsoft has taken so long on this one. Especially since there was such a roar of disappointment when it was eliminated. The free services can't touch them when this feature is added in my opinion.

  17. 5504

    Sounds like Google has a muddled plan for their hardware computing platforms. 

  18. 1265

    I could see Disney buying Twitter. It would be weird, but I can see it. Maybe link it with ABC in some way.

  19. 289

    I'm keeping expectations in check for Chromecast Ultra. I definitely have concerns about the quality of streaming 4K wirelessly.

  20. 5523

    Pretty basic, but, we are just non premuim users.  I'm kind of looking forward to the improvements to the new comment part of the site.

  21. 5496

    I don't know why you started a forum. When there are plenty of other forums out there. To me it just seems like a waste of your time.

    another thing, for now, this comment, I tried to reply to my own comment. It doesn't work on mobile, replying to comments.

    • 5496

      ok, now I could reply to a comment. I had to refresh the page.

      but to see new comments, you have to refresh the page.


  22. 5215

    Why not Disney?  It's a media conglomerate these days.  Gotta have control over that new medium.

  23. 5234

    "Very interesting. But Q3 2017? Come on. Too slow."


    So how's that Scorpio box coming along again?



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