Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14936 for PC and Mobile

Posted on September 29, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10, Windows Phones with 18 Comments

Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14936 for PC and Mobile

Last night, Microsoft delivered Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14936 for PC and Mobile to testers in the Fast ring. There are no major new features, but this build provides a first peek at some new Edge extensions.

Build 14936 arrives less than a week after the previous build, 14933, which was released only for PC because of some known issues. Those issues were apparently fixed, as the new build is available for both PC and Mobile.

Here’s what’s new.

New Edge extensions. Build 14936 provides Insiders with early access to three Edge extensions: Turn Off The Lights, which makes for a more comfortable video viewing experience; Tampermonkey, a popular userscript manager that lets users customize the content of pages; and Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant, which Microsoft describes as “your smart shopping cart across the web, which collects your browsed products and lets you get price alerts for saved products and compare products between sellers.” Technically, these extensions do not require build 14936: If you’re using Windows 10 version 1607, the links above will work fine.

Changes to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) will soon be updated so that new installs will utilize version 16.04 (Xenial) instead of the current release, 14.04 (Trusty). But existing installs will not be upgraded automatically. To upgrade to the new version, use the do-release-upgrade command, as documented here. (I don’t believe 16.04 is available yet, however.)

Other improvements and fixes for PC. Microsoft fixed various small issues with Narrator, the Settings app, and the Explorer shell in this release.

Known issues for PC. There are a handful of very minor issues with this build. Please refer to the Microsoft announcement for details.

Other fixes and improvements for Mobile. A number of improvements have been made on Mobile, including fixes for the sign-in PIN pad, SIM cards, mobile hotspot, Setup, and more.

Known issues for Mobile. There’s only one known issue in this build: If you’re using an SD card for app installs, apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat will fail to install. For now, you can just set your default location to the phone’s internal storage to install any apps that fail.


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Comments (18)

18 responses to “Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14936 for PC and Mobile”

  1. 180

    New extensions as part of an insider build? I'd kind of assumed that extensions could just be compiled for Edge and put into the store. The idea that you might actually need a new build of Windows to access newer extensions? That sounds bad, bad, bad.

    • 442

      The extentions are not part of the build.  What's changed is the ability of Edge to handle certain functions allowing these extentions to work now where they couldn't before.  I'm sure the extentions have been done for quite a while waiting for Edge to be released with needed changes.

    • 1098

      Yeah, I agree.  Bad idea.

  2. 2394

    I'd love to see the new Wifi control panel (on mobile) be able to handle going to browser (the Panera option).

  3. 5496

    I don't think these extension are just for insiders.

    Turn Off the Lights, seems like it works if video isn't in fullscreen. I always watch videos in fullscreen.

    How usefull is Tampermonkey if people don't know how to create scripts.


  4. 5234

    "To upgrade to the new version, use the do-release-upgrade command, as documented here. (I don’t believe 16.04 is available yet, however.)"


    Huh?  Who is maintaining the repos?  Microsoft?  

    16.04, Paul.  It's like 1607.  This thing was out in April.

  5. 5593

    I really don't have any use for extensions.  But the Personal Shopping Extension concerns me.  Why isn't something like this just naturally a part of Cortana.  They way Microsoft marketed Cortana was as a personal assistant.  They even talked a lot about how the connected with actual personal assistants for various professionals and the like to find out what sorts of things they do and what information they track.  Why on earth wouldn't shopping habits be a huge part of that?  Why load a stupid extension?  Cortana should automatically be aware that I'm browsing or searching for something and then offer to keep track of that for me, all without an extension.

  6. 442

    These early builds are always bug ridden.  Can't even lock the computer with the Windows Key + L.  Gotta switch to slow ring....

  7. 186

    I now off topic... with this new comment functionality... how do we get alerts, email notifictions when someone replies to a commnet? Unless i come back to this aritlce 4x per day, I'll never know if anyone has replied.  Thanks!

    PS: Edge spellchecker does not work in the window you type a comment in either - bad.

  8. 1098

    What's the roadmap for extensions?  Are we waiting on developers to create their extensions or for Microsoft to allow them? I really like edge a lot, but without a couple of key extensions is a deal breaker.  Mainly my password manager (Dashlane) - without that, Edge is a no for me even though I actually prefer it over Chrome.

  9. 5394

    Disappointed that they have no new features to demonstrate. Windows 10 need new UI enhancements for their Start Menu and Settings. The Start Menu wasn't updated much in Windows 10. Settings is incomplete since many times you're referred to the older Windows Explorer UI to adjust settings for backup, networking, and security. Windows 10 is buggy with freezing issues, and I lose my cursor every time it disappears. Where did it go? Why does Windows have a brain freeze? Non-response is a constant reminder something is wrong.

  10. 5486

    I genuinely think some Insiders especially are losing the will to live with all these 'new' builds. They don't have the time or inclincation to do all the installations and testing MS expect of them. As time goes on, things will only get worse. The number of Insiders is already falling as people pull out of the program. This may have sounded great at the beginning after MS canned most of their internal QA/testing department, expecting a few million unpaid fans to do the testing for them. This is turning out not to be the case, as some real show-stopper problems have sneaked through.

    Where will this program be in 1-2 years I wonder?

    • 442

      Seems to me that you might not need to be on the Insider rings.  Especially the fast ring.  Lots of folks don't belong there.  It's an awesome program and extremely useful for many folks in the field as it allows us to test real world scenarios, from which of course MS takes notes and changes the OS to meet expectations.  That's why they have multiple "rings" to allow those who wish to test as early as possible, and those that want to see changes early but in a more controlled fashion.  There's actually 6 rings (if not more), but only 3 are "public" rings.

    • 5593

      I don't think that's true.  Really, insiders don't need to do anything.  Even if no insider ever "tested" a build beyond installing it and using it normally, Microsoft would be able to simply acquire telemetry data to give them some insight to the performance of the OS.  Ultimately, people who are installing insider build are also taking at least some time to respond via the Feedback hub about what's working or not, what they like or dislike.  For myself, I don't play any of those "achievements" things---I hate that even in gaming.  I do, however, test each build that comes out, using a Lumia 640 and Lumia 950 for the testing.  Installing really is a negligible cost in time. And I say that as someone who routinely does a hard reset after each build.  Would I recommend people use their daily driver as an insider device?  Absolutely not--I still use my Lumia 1020 as my primary, because I like Windows Phone 8 MUCH better than 10, and the 1020 is a much better device & camera than the 950.  Regardless of my preferences, Microsoft can only do so much testing in-house when it comes to an operating system that is now largely a SERVICE....they really need to engage the process they are using now to vet updates before they go out to the normal public.  So, I think it makes sense.

      • 5496

        I have been using insider on my PC everyday for the last 15 months or so.

        Non IT people don't use they PC'c the same way as IT techs does. So they regular people can find something broken that IT techs wouldn't. And vice versa.

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