Gallery: Microsoft Paint Preview Build 0.820.13407.0

Posted on October 9, 2016 by Rafael Rivera in Windows 10 with 31 Comments


Paint, the indispensable drawing tool, has been with Microsoft Windows since the beginning. Windows 1.0, for example, shipped with a licensed copy of ZSoft Corporation’s PC Paintbrush app that supported the drawing of smiley faces with a wide color gamut of, err, grays. It got replaced with a new colorful Paintbrush app in 3.0 and has steadily been tweaked ever since.

But as Brad wrote about yesterday, Paint is about to get its biggest update in decades — rumored to be revealed and released at Microsoft’s Windows 10 event on October 26.

We got our hands on an early preview build of Paint (0.820.13407.0) and will have a full write-up for you… as soon as we’re done doodling around with it. Here’s some screen-shots in the mean time.

Paint - WelcomePaint - NewPaint - Drop Target Paint - Selection ToolsPaint - Resize ToolsPaint - Paint Tools Paint - Text Tools Paint - 2D ShapesPaint - 3D ShapesPaint - Community Paint - Print Dialog  Paint - Menu   Paint - About Dialog

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Comments (31)

31 responses to “Gallery: Microsoft Paint Preview Build 0.820.13407.0”

  1. 3118

     I hope they update the UWP print dialog along with these types of apps. Paint and Photos could benefit from a more robust set of print options, that handles stuff like printing borderless photos, scaling to fit, etc. much better.

  2. 5172

    Good to see this.

    For years I've used Paint.Net - which was originally a project within Microsoft to do a modern version of Paint.  It fulfills my needs.

  3. 5486

    With all of Windows 10's probems, this is exactly what it needs - a new Paint app will sort all the issues out! 

    • 5615

      In reply to ghostrider:
      Sort of reminds me of Skype on Windows Phone. Skype was famously broken on WP. They never fixed what was broken, but they released an update that added the ability to draw on your phone's little screen with your finger. Whoopie.
  4. 5010

    The logo is horrible, they need to change it to something more modern. 

  5. 5496

    Can you have shapes in here, like a shape of a table, a couch. Like using it for an interior decorator tools.

    I know it's basic for that stuff. But pros have other tools.

  6. 5482

    There is only one thing I would ask for Microsoft to include...


    Please!  This looks so awesome.  The only dealbreaker (I understand its free) is if it has layers or not.  The same problem applied with the "Fresh Paint" App.

  7. 3139

    I'm not sure why they don't just partner with and put it in the store and call it a day?  That app kills Photoshop for 99% of most users every day needs.  

  8. 1243

    Wow! A Zune Originals picture. Where did you find that?

  9. 212

    Looks really good.Have to give MS credit for doing this when I would think they were not expected to do so.

  10. 2428

    Can we then combine the photo editing capabilities with paint and have one image creator / editor?

  11. 2481

    I hope it they dont slow the application down like they did calculator.  

    I hope they make this apart of the ink space offerings for quick access.

    • 96

      In reply to harmjr:

      That's a huge concern for me too, but I will say -- this app is the fastest UWP app I've ever used (aside from caclulator). Let's hope it stays that way.

  12. 5510

    Overall, this update is OK. I just don't understand why PAINT & Snipping Tool can't be combined.

  13. 442

    I personally believe mixing 2D and 3D within the same program will end up with a lackluster offering.  There are enough differences, that the combination of the two will not give either an advantage.  3D modeling is complex enough it needs focus.  2D painting benefits from 3D structures, but not in the same way a modelling program does.  I feel it's just odd and unproductive to combine the two schools in this way.  There should be two seperate apps for these very different needs.

    • 4841

      In reply to Narg:
      To be fair Paint in its current incarnation is already a lackluster offering for anyone but the beginner user, if you so much need intermediary user use cases like layers you require 3rd party software like Paint.Net or GIMP. And that's by design: anything more sophisticated and the app would be a product in the company's portfolio, not something bundled for free with the OS. Think of the new Paint as a showcase to the potential of UWP and pen/touch input in Windows to the creatives, not as a flagship feature to Windows.
      • 214

        In reply to Demileto:
        I agree.
        Good analysis. In another post, Paul mentioned this 3-D capable Paint in the same paragraph as "Microsoft has spoken about its plans to integrate the Windows Holographic shell into mainstream Windows 10 versions." That seems to telegraph the context.
  14. 2371

    In reply to rbwatson0:

    They have borderless photos option in the adavanced settings at the bottom.

  15. 5530

    Looks great but UWP has a reliability problem. They need to step it up quick.

  16. 5529

    So what 3D formats does it support for export? Does it support import only from online? 

    • 96

      In reply to Bill_Strong:
      Export is disabled and import only works with some seemingly proprietary .cool format. (Suspect this will tie into some web component at some point.) Hope we see normal waveform OBJ support soon.
      • 5529

        In reply to WithinRafael:

        In one of the vids it showcased importing from online, so that seems reasonable. You might open one of those up to see if they are just renamed obj files, or at least ascii.

        Microsoft is also partnered with an aliance for specifing a format for 3d printers, but I don't know if .cool is a part of that project. Does it seem like it want to print 3d objects?

        Thanks for looking earlier, and at this. Great article.

  17. 5394

    Ho hum. Updating is fine. I wish they will take an extra step to blow it out of the water, but unlikely. These apps are largely free and thus, have low expectations. They don't even bother with a paid Pro version. I would love to see that. 

  18. 1488

    I am looking forward to this. I use paint pretty regularly as I do not have the expertise to us a Photo Shop type program. Yet I still need to make some diagrams or other drawings for PowerPoint presentations.

    • 1377

      In reply to skborders:

      You don't have/use Visio for diagrams? Or the drawing tools in Office?

      I use Paint fairly often but mostly for cropping and annotating existing images.

  19. 699

    Woah. I like. :D

  20. 5615

    I'm sorry, is this something we should be excited about? I thought Paint was one of those throw-away freebies. Like someone else commented, I think I used it once to crop a picture. Am I missing something by not using Paint?