Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Cumulative Updates

Posted on October 11, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 10 Comments

Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Cumulative Updates

It’s Patch Tuesday, so Microsoft has issued separate cumulative updates for each of the shipping versions of Windows 10. And while none include new features, of course, each includes important fixes.

To be clear, “shipping versions of Windows 10” means the publicly-available versions of the OS, which are version 1507 (the original, or “RTM” release), version 1511, and version 1607, the latter of which is what you get when you install the Anniversary Update. These updates are not for pre-release Windows Insider builds of Windows 10.

Microsoft always provides a list of what’s new in each Windows 10 cumulative update on its Windows 10 update history page. You can head there to see what’s been fixed in Windows 10 versions 1507 and 1511. Here, I’ll focus on the current release, version 1607, for PCs only:

  • Improved reliability of Bluetooth and storage file system.
  • Addressed issue causing printer drivers to not install correctly after installing security update KB317005.
  • Addressed issue causing sign-in errors if a password is entered incorrectly or a new password doesn’t meet password complexity requirements after installing security update KB3167679.
  • Addressed issue that required users to log out and log back in before using the application they installed using the Windows installer (MSI).
  • Improved support for networks by adding new entries to the Access Point Name (APN) database.
  • Addressed additional issues with multimedia playback, revised daylight saving time, authentication, Internet Explorer 11, and Windows Shell.
  • Security updates to Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Windows registry, and diagnostics hub.

You can learn more from the knowledge base article Cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1607 and Windows Server 2016: October 11, 2016.

Whichever version of Windows 10 you’re running, you can get today’s updates via Windows Update.


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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Delivers Windows 10 Cumulative Updates”

  1. 191

    For those of us still holding on to our Windows phones (yes, Paul ... I know  ;) ), this update is available on my 950XL as well.

  2. 907

    My laptop updated well and everything seems to be working as advertised. There was a delay of around an hour at 79% during the download phase however so patience will be required. :)

    • 699

      In reply to anchovylover:

      I'm experiencing a delay at the 75% and 85% mark on my SB. It's been sitting here for like 15 minutes. So, patience is a virtue I guess ;) Not seeing the update on my 950XL, but I'm on Fast Ring, is that getting an update too?

    • 1377

      In reply to anchovylover:

      The % completed figures are becoming as reliable as the old # seconds remaining in the Windows 95 file copy progress dialogs. Beginning to seem better to download the MSU files manually and then apply them locally. That takes less time.

  3. 774

    One day, an update will fix the long pause at 95% download with these things (two machines on 1607).

    • 2433

      In reply to johnbaxter:

      This is just a chance observation: I have noticed that this problem most often happens first thing in the morning on my Lumia 950 after it has been on charge all night.  Some sites sending in massive files - like the BBC - are the worst cases.  I wait a bit then try to use the page and this eventually frees up and all seems well after that.  If there is anything there, a great deal more than a normal page is displayed in miniature.  Moving it about a bit seems to cause the normal size image.  I just wonder if this is due to the memory not clearing enough to accept the new page?

  4. 2394

    I'm on Fast Ring, and what I got seems to be bringing back some of the greatest hits like Machine Froze on Wake from Sleep, Graphic flickering, and app problems. Wonder if somebody screwed up a version control in Redmond.

  5. 5531

    "Addressed issue that required users to log out and log back in before using the application they installed using the Windows installer (MSI)."   ... whoops sorry about that installer problem. Duck into our Windows Store and try installing some apps from there. No reboot required! :-D


  6. 444

    Been stuck at 100% for over 2 hours now :-(


  7. 1816

    Once again I'm faced with the task of spending hours trying to get this junk installed on all my machines. I have become disgusted with Microsoft in the last year. After taking all my Windows machines off of the Insider program, I thought things would go back to normal, but it just keeps getting worse. The Chromebook option is looking better every month.