Windows 10 Build 14951 Released To Insiders

Posted on October 19, 2016 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 20 Comments


Microsoft has released yet another build of Windows 10 to Insiders for testing, playing with and discovering new hidden features. The build is now being delivered to those who are in the Fast ring but as always with these early builds, you should not be installing this on your daily driver.

This build, which is going out to both mobile and desktop users, has a few new features that are making the Windows 10 experience a little bit better. For starters, the precision touchpad settings are getting more attention since the release last week; keyboard shortcuts can now be bound to advanced gestures and you can also adjust the volume with basic swipe gestures too. Additionally, the bug that was introduced last week that prevented touchpad gestures from working correctly has been fixed in this release.

Windows Ink has a new feature called Stencils that combines the functionality of a¬†protractor and compass into one. Seeing as the ruler was quite popular, it’s no surprise Microsoft is expanding the on-screen tools that work with the pen with the next iteration of Redstone and I suspect they may introduce a few more too.

The camera app has also been updated with a redesigned interface that includes high-contrast capture buttons, photo timer with a new toggle control, easier access to settings, improved zoom functionality and other simple tweaks that will make the app more user-friendly.

Other odds and ends include improvements to narrator, and the Windows substyem for Linux now supports Ubuntu 16.04 and users can now launch Windows binaries directly from a WSL command prompt

If you run into any issues with this release, make sure to let us know in the comments below; full change-log is here.

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Comments (20)

20 responses to “Windows 10 Build 14951 Released To Insiders”

  1. 1995

    Apart from the known issues listed above many Insiders are seeing the download stuck at 0% issue while trying to install W10M Build 14951.
    My Lumia 950 ---------> borked
    Wife's Lumia 950XL----> borked
    Is borked even the right term?


    • 127

      In reply to Nadawan:

      My Surface Pro 3 is not even 'seeing' the build....... :/

      • 271

        In reply to Bart:

        My Surface Pro 3 has just finished updating as has the desktop. Lumia 950 stuck on 0%. Navigating the Settings on the Surface Pro keeps freezing, a problem in the last build. Also Edge on the desktop also freezes constantly when scrolling with the mouse. I usually have to refresh the page to try and unstick it. Often have to do that several times. This problem seemed to appear for me about 3 builds ago and has not been resolved. Have put feedback in a couple of times already.

        I haven't yet found anything else obvious.

    • 592

      In reply to Nadawan:

      My 640 had the 0% problem all night. Found this posted on Twitter and it worked. Only problem is Feedback Hub won't let me log in, even after reinstalling that app. Seems like a pretty good build although there were lots of store app updates


    • 2394

      In reply to Nadawan:

      'Is borked even the right term?'

      Works for me. Lenovo T450s fired it right up. My 950 is sitting on 0%.

  2. 5554

    Hard to get excited about these endless beta builds anymore - they never really add any interesting features and just end up breaking as much as they fix.

    It's just all sort of heading down into "eh, whatever" now.

  3. 124

    This is hanging on my Lumia 830 at 0% on download.  Tried shutting pone down and restarting but same old same old.

  4. 5601

    Great the above Twiter link worked at 33 % and climbing Great job guys


    Thanks Gary

  5. 397

    Friday morning here in the UK and 14951 hasn't even shown up on the PC fast ring.......

  6. 5496

    According to Paul, WP is dead. But yet a dead OS is getting updated.

  7. 5601

    Same here my Lumia 830 stuck at 0% Any fix for this?

  8. 54

    In reply to Bart:

    My Lumia 950XL has the 0% issue, so ity can see the update, but can't download it.

    My test PC, however, can't see the update, like your SP3. They seem to have borked this update...

  9. 699

    They're working on the zoom and camera features. Hopefully to test on new products and for the just released HP Elite X3. Mine's arriving next week. And yes, my W10M Upgrade on my 950XL is stuck at 0% too. For hours now. Hrm. Meanwhile, what I really really want is for the Starbucks app to work again. ha

  10. 7077

    Anyone having problems with the feedback not logging in with your credentials?