Live: Microsoft Windows 10 Event

Posted on October 26, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 12 Comments

I’m covering the Microsoft Windows 10 Event live on TWiT with Leo Laporte and Ed Bott today. The event starts at 10 am ET/7 am PT.


You can watch it live here.

Ed Bott

The Ed Bott Report on ZDNet

Ed Bott (weblog)

Ed Bott on Twitter

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Live: Microsoft Windows 10 Event”

  1. 4179

    Where do I order Surface Dial?

    • 364

      In reply to tonchek: pre order for $99  product page:

  2. 5611

    If I was designing an All-in-One device, it would be similar to the Dell XPS 18 which is basiclaly a large tablet that detaches from the base. The thing I would change is to make the base a discrete GPU so that when it's docked, you have a high-end graphics workstation, but when you remove it you have a large standalone tablet.

    So, basically, it would be similar to a Surface Book with discrete GPU in the base, but instead of being a laptop, it would be a high-end All-in-One.

  3. 442

    Surface Studio has an audio jack!  :)  LOL

    I hope MS makes a monitor only so you can make a similar looking dual monitor setup.

  4. 7178

    In reply to Waethorn:

    How is it any different than someone playing a piece of music?

  5. 364

    They should have ended their SurfaceStudio demo with "And we will give all alpha members of a free Surface Studio"  as it looks great and I'd love to have one, but,$2,900 to $4,199  for one is not in my current budget :)

  6. 3884

    Incredible stuff! Microsoft has long supported the tools for creatives and yet done nothing with them, allowing Apple to take mindshare that "oh, if you're an artist you should by a Mac" when even the devices that preceeded Surface were amazing creative tools that put my old MacBook Pro to shame.

    It's great they've realised that those who create are an audience worth taking notice of, and begun building the kinds of devices we've been dreaming of. Surface Studio is the kind of PC I've wanted for 15 years, since I first used a Wacom Intuos tablet in college, and other than the Wacom Cintiq and some third party options from China - there's just been nothing available that really takes the idea into such a creative product.

    As a teacher and a creative, everything Microsoft showed today empowers me to do more and improve the work I do. But even better, it helps me to empower my students - and for them to empower themselves to do more.

    I just hope they manage to do the work required on Windows 10 to really make this pop - I love my Surface Pro 4 but lordy has it been a tougher ride with it and Windows 10 than my Surface Pro 3 and Windows 8.1 was...

    Oh, and I'll need a bank loan to be able to afford a Surface Studio so unfortunately I'll just have to drool from afar for now... ;)

    I wonder what Apple have to offer tomorrow? They're gonna need more than a redesigned MacBook and a TouchID strip above the keyboard to change the conversation...

    As for third parties, hopefully as Surface Pro has done, we'll see similar (and more affordable) products from OEMs in the next few months to bring these tools into the realms of mere mortals.

    Oh, also, power to them for having female representation in the presenters - something a lot of companies don't have. It's a shame that's still so rare that it actually stands out when tech companies have genders (plural) in their speakers team.

  7. 7180

    Wow, they screwed apple seriously before their product launch.
  8. 5234

    Using an HP Elite x3 (not a Lumia 950 - telling) running Windows 10 Mobile, Megan talks about consumer 3D software and states "I *envision* this on other phones".

    Choice use of words there.  Sounds like it's not available on other phones.  In other words, it's just an unsubstantial tech demo.  A fake.

  9. 5234

    Recording yourself playing a video game is "creative"....because millennials.

  10. 5234

    What's with all the women wearing black or gray nail polish?  Whether it's fake or real, black nails are gross.