Eve V 2-in-1 Sells Out Immediately

Posted on November 23, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware, Microsoft Surface, Windows 10 with 26 Comments

Eve V 2-in-1 Sells Out Immediately

A crowd-sourced 2-in-1 aimed squarely at Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 sold out immediately this week on Indiegogo, no doubt spurred by its combination of high-end specs and affordable pricing.

On the—ahem—surface, the Eve V, as it’s called, looks a lot like Surface Pro 4, with a familiar 2-in-1 form factor that combines a tablet body with a detachable keyboard cover. No surprise there: All major PC makers are likewise copying the basic Surface Pro 4 design, and even Apple and Google have gotten into the act.


But the Eve V has some important advantages over the Surface Pro 4, which still utilizes a year-old Intel Skylake-based architecture and lacks modern USB-C ports. The Eve V, meanwhile, offers a newer 7th-generation Intel Core processor, has two full-sized USB 3 ports, vs. one on Surface Pro 4, and two USB-C ports, one of which also does Thunderbolt 3. The Eve V’s keyboard cover is also wireless, so it can work without being physically attached to the device.


But the biggest advantage is likely the price: Where a Surface Pro 4 with a Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and a 512 GB SSD costs $2350, a similarly-configured Eve V is only $1400. That’s almost $1000 less expensive. And if you want an entry-level version, a Core m3-based Eve will cost just $699. The Core i5 version is $960.


And that explains why they’re all sold out as well.

Well, not sold out, exactly. But if you want to get an Eve V, it’s going to take a while. Like April of next year. Because the Eve V’s first run was already snapped up by fans who pre-paid on Indiegogo.


I’ve reached out to Eve about potentially reviewing this device, but I’ll have more information soon regardless. Yes, there are a lot of 2-in-1 PCs these days. But this one looks legitimately interesting.


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  1. 2 | Reply
    nordyj Alpha Member #1237 - 1 month ago

    Seriously?  "oops!"?

    1. 0 | Reply
      Waethorn Alpha Member #2235 - 1 month ago
      In reply to nordyj:

      I bet that's the response people will have next year to the statement: "I put money into a crowd-sourced piece of tech from a company that didn't exist before-hand because no capital investor wanted to put money into them".


      It's also the response said tech company will have when they spend your money and you have nothing to show for it.

  2. 1 | Reply
    jimchamplin - 1 month ago

    I hope someone sells another good quality device comparable to the Surface 3, if there isn't already something out there. 

    I'd love an x86 2-in-one with good build quality and a $500-ish price. 

  3. 0 | Reply
    RonV42 Alpha Member #166 - 1 month ago

    I wonder if the quality will be better than NexDock.  I really don't want to do crowdsourced hardware again until I can actually feel it in my hands.

  4. 0 | Reply
    Narg Alpha Member #420 - 1 month ago

    I decided to pick up on the later shipment options for this.  Prefer not to be the beta tester :)  Looking forward to getting it middle of next year.  I wanted a good follow up to my SP3, and this really seems to be the best choice for a while, as MS has not announced anything yet.  AND, I'm sure MS will not push the envelope like Eve did, for instance the 1mm thicker for better battery kind of envelope (brilliant!)

  5. 0 | Reply
    Piras Alpha Member #1773 - 1 month ago

    Ah crowd-sourced hardware. Been there, done that. Bought a Jide Remix Ultra tablet earlier this year on Kickstarter and it has been a nightmare. Seems maker has stopped issuing software updates and fixes. Never again.

  6. 0 | Reply
    alaskanjackson Alpha Member #1277 - 1 month ago

    I have followed Eve since the T1 - I have one and it had some issues.  I've veen part of their process of developing the Eve 5 over the past year.  Its cool to see the elements you (and others) suggest be incorporated into the design.  I chose to wait until after its released before looking into purchase.  Thanks for writing about it Mr. Thurrott, I hope you get a chance to review the device.  

  7. 0 | Reply
    ChristopherCollins Alpha Member #2122 - 1 month ago

    I wish the Surface had a keyboard dock that fully latched it in, turning it into a true hinged laptop.  If that was an accessory, I'd be all in.  The soft keyboards don't do it for me, even though I can use the SP4 with touch half of the time.

    1. 0 | Reply
      Narg Alpha Member #420 - 1 month ago
      In reply to ChristopherCollins:

      They do, it's called the Surface Book...

  8. 0 | Reply
    lezmaka Alpha Member #1837 - 1 month ago

    The battery life claims could be realistic because the CPUs are in different classes.  They are using is a 4.5 watt model with a base clock of 1.30GHz where the SP4 listed uses a 15 watt model with a base clock of 2.50GHz.

  9. 0 | Reply
    WP7Mango Alpha Member #2513 - 1 month ago

    What's with the triangle symbol in place of the letter V on the keyboard?

    1. 0 | Reply
      WP7Mango Alpha Member #2513 - 1 month ago
      In reply to WP7Mango:

      Ah, it's the logo, which is visible on the kickstand.

  10. 0 | Reply
    zybch Alpha Member #2568 - 1 month ago

    Like its ever going to actually ship.

  11. 0 | Reply
    captobie Alpha Member #2479 - 1 month ago

    I gotta say, if it sounds too good to be true then... well, I'll believe it when I see Paul's review. Crowdfunded hardware seldom goes to plan.

    Looking at the Indiegogo page, I had to laugh at their "Scandinavian Design" claim. You mean to tell me the SP4 was designed in Scandinavia? Because the Eve sure looks a lot like an SP4.

    1. 0 | Reply
      zbecka Alpha Member #2154 - 1 month ago
      In reply to captobie:
      Yeah, I am skeptical of the battery claim: 12h claimed, actual 10-12h? With the direct competitors are much worse for actual.


    2. 0 | Reply
      Narg Alpha Member #420 - 1 month ago
      In reply to zbecka:

      Rarely do laptops get the full stated battery.  But still, I'm more likely to think it will be better due to the less push to make it thinner, and instead make a bigger battery.  Consider than the SP4 gets 6 out of the 9 advertised, if that's the standard, we could see 9 out of the stated 12 for the Eve V.  Not too bad.