Windows 10 Pushes Microsoft’s Browser Strategy to the Edge (Premium)


With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft announced a new browser called Edge with the hope of taking back the momentum in the browser wars. The idea was that Internet Explorer had significant baggage attached to it for being outdated and was an underperforming tool of yesterday that wasn’t fit for the modern web.

Regardless if the above is true about Internet Explorer or not, the brand was tarnished and Microsoft decided to reboot with Edge, a modern browser for the modern web.  When Edge launched, as history has already written, it lacked features that consumers wanted and was not Microsoft’s best-foot-forward when introducing a new brand to consumers. With Microsoft stating that Windows 10 has over 400 million users of the OS and seeing that Edge is the default option for browsing the web, it would make sense that Edge would grow quickly in usage share along side the OS but the truth is far different.

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