Alleged Windows 10 Design Makeover Surfaces

Posted on January 5, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 54 Comments

Alleged Windows 10 Design Makeover SurfacesMSPowerUser has acquired some images and animations of what is purportedly a major change coming to the Windows 10 user experience.

Two things up front: I can’t confirm that these images or this site’s information is real, but I felt that this was important enough not to sit on. (Plus we’re at CES and time is tight.) And kudos to the guys from MSPowerUser.

OK, here’s the story.

According to the site, Microsoft has been working on a “UI upgrade” for Windows 10 called Project NEON that includes more modern design elements, including “Acrylic” components that further enhance the design language in Windows. You might think of this thing as the next generation of Metro. (And let’s pray some big European company doesn’t own the trademark to the terms NEON or Acrylic.)

The site claims that this UI upgrade is not a “major or complete overhaul” of the Windows 10 design language. But I have to be honest here: Their images refute that opinion. This indeed does look like a major change to me.

Project NEON apparently focuses on animation, simplicity, and consistency, and while I am unclear of the need for the first of those, the last two are sorely lacking in Windows today. It will allegedly even include some Aero Glass-like elements, which should please some. And in addition to the Acrylic elements, there are terms like Connected Animations and Conscious UI, which should scare anyone upended by the silly design focus of Metro.

As the site notes, these are all just early concepts—not “screenshots” or running code—but still interesting nonetheless. While the timing is unclear, I bet we don’t see most of this work until Redstone 3 in late 2017. But that’s just a guess, as I’ve not heard about any of this work before.

Again, nice work to the folks at MSPowerUser.


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