Window 10 Build 15014 To Insiders With Additional New Features

Posted on January 19, 2017 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 17 Comments

Another week, another build, Microsoft has released the next installment of Windows 10 to Insiders in the Fast ring and this time around it is build 15014.This build is for both PC and mobile and you can download it now.

In this release, there are a couple of new features including the ability to purchase e-books from the Windows Store which will then show up in your Books library. This library is a new hub entry in Edge next to history and downloads which is where Microsoft expects you to read them.

Cortana is getting a few updates as well including a lighter shade for the search box and bigger text notifications for the PC. In this release, you will also be able to choose a custom accent color as well.

If your PC is running out of space and need to free up some room, there is a new feature that will remove files in your Recycle bin after 30 days and also remove unused temporary files too. This feature is set to ‘off’ by default.

The other large change in this release is the ‘Power Mode’ slider. As you can see in the image above, you can now tune your machine for better battery life or performance by adjusting the slider on the bar.

This feature is not available to everyone, yet, and is for certain devices only at this time. Additionally, this feature isnt wired up yet which means that it is in the early stages of implementation and Microsoft is looking for feedback based on the UI.

Finally, Microsoft has stated that the People Bar that the company showed off at the Surface Studio launch event will not be done in time for the Creators update. This feature will show up in the following release of Windows 10.

As always, we don’t recommend putting this build on your daily driver. That being said, if you do install this release, make sure to let us know if you run into any issues or find any features that haven’t been announced.

You can find the announcement post here.

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Comments (17)

17 responses to “Window 10 Build 15014 To Insiders With Additional New Features”

  1. 5134

    if the remaining battery functionality on Windows 10 Mobile is not broken, then I can conclude that this version is way easier on power consumption - my 950XL is at 89% after having used it for 6 hours

  2. 5496

    "As you can see in the image above" It's below, not above.

  3. 6019

    I was semi-excited when I read the eBook rumours yesterday; today I find out it's US only.

  4. 442

    I like the bigger notifications.  On my large QHD screen, they currently get lost and easily missed now.

    I ran into a few issues with the last release, hoping this one is more stable.  On a reboot the system would go into "repair" mode for no apparent reason on the two machines I run insider on.  Kinda odd.

  5. 6993

    A feature I've not yet seen anyone even mention is than the "Apps for Websites" now works.

    If you're using Edge and viewing the Facebook site, if you also have the Facebook app installed, when you click a link on the site it'll automatically open the app.

    It also works, apparently, for the Feedback Hub.

  6. 8630

    I installed this build on a new laptop and it is running great. I have not seen any problems yet besides edge crashing one time.

  7. 1445

    I installed this build on a Surface Pro 4 and when it logs in, explorer keeps constantly restarting and I can't type text into any modern UIs such as Start Search or open any apps, WiFi is disconnected and when connecting I am asked for the password but can't type it. The Surface Dock isn't recognised.

    I then restart and the device automatically reverts back to 15007.

    I have tried it twice now and the same thing happened both times so think I will need to give this one a miss for now.

    Does it work for anyone else with a Surface Pro 4? You would think Microsoft would test it with its newest devices so not sure if it is some incompatibility with some other software?



  8. 89

    E-books, shades, accent colors ... but still no support or apps for Outlook tasks (outside of Outlook 2013/2016)?

  9. 5799

    > If your PC is running out of space and need to free up some room, there is a new feature that will remove files in > your Recycle bin after 30 days and also remove unused temporary files too. This feature is set to ‘off’ by default.

    > your Recycle bin after 30 days and also remove unused temporary files too. This feature is set to ‘off’ by default.


    Hurray!  Is this the rolling recycle bin I've been asking for for years?  Is the 30 day time limit a setting that users can change?  I'd probably want something closer to 3-6 months depending on the PC I use.

  10. 1321

    I knew it! the my people feature (hub) has been pushed to RS3.

  11. 2394

    Chrome is sure having a problem with the Creators update. I get about 5 seconds of uptime and then it freezes dead.

  12. 490

    15007 killed my Server 2012 R2 Hyper-v Guest. It won't POST anymore. Hoping this release fixes it.

  13. 5530

    I don't see the need to put power modes in that UI at all. Just list the power mode the PC is running on and leave the rest in the Settings app. It's also weird to see it as a slider, it's just another thing that people are going to continually mess with and then wonder why they get shitty battery life and performance.

    • 1959

      In reply to FalseAgent:

      I disagree... A lot of people have no idea that power modes even exist. I think making it discoverable is great. Additionally, a slider is a pretty simple concept to understand for almost everyone.

      • 5530

        In reply to evox81:

        I'm not talking about the concept of the slider. I'm talking about the concept of what the slider does. You know, power modes. Windows could learn some power management lessons from OSX. They don't have multiple power modes to deal with and switch between. Why is there even a need for this? Why should a user care about power modes? Surfacing this to the user in such a prominent place is even worse. Power management should be set by the OEM and then be done with it.

        But since it's not realistic to expect Windows to get rid of this feature because of the way it's been architected, i'm saying they should just list the power mode the device is using and then tuck away the rest of the settings in the Settings app.

  14. 5593

    Well, after it finished loading on my wife's SP4, she lost all audio. First, I uninstalled the Realtek device in Device Mgr and rebooted, allowing the OS to reinstall it automatically. Nothing.  Next, I went to Realtek's site and downloaded the latest drivers and installed them.  This brought back audio through the built in speakers, but we see this "enhanced features created issues and have been disabled. Would you like to re-enable them?" error (we answered "no").  BUT, the moment we plug back in her external speakers we get no audio and it kills the ability to go back to the built-in speakers.  We have to reboot to get them back.  So, I really have no idea why this update would screw with the audio like this.