Windows 10X Gallery: Setup

Posted on January 17, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10X with 8 Comments

Here’s a complete look at the Windows 10X Setup process, which is a simplified and prettier version of Windows Setup from Windows 10.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Windows 10X Gallery: Setup”

  1. spiderman2

    I tried it and the idea to use web tech instead of native one, is the worst idea ever, the UI mess up too often and too easy

    • bluvg

      In reply to spiderman2:

      I feel similarly, unless there are some major browser improvements on the way. I've seen some really impressive stuff done in the browser, but in many cases, other than for the obvious native-online benefits, it leaves me wondering "cool... but why?"

  2. tonchek

    NO! Where is my terrible Win10 blue experience??!!!

  3. crunchyfrog

    Following your gallery, 10X looks like it has a smooth install and looks very nice to use. Of course, it's still early in its life stages and lots needs to be done to make it a go-to OS, but I see the potential.

  4. obarthelemy

    Funny how the only screen that's overwhelming is the one where you say no to tracking....

  5. bart

    Looks excellent. Very user friendly.

  6. rmac

    MS are really pushing out the graphics boat this time...

  7. gregsedwards

    Y'know, if you scroll through these fast enough, it's almost like you're watching a video. ?

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