New Windows 11 Build Arrives with Focus Sessions, First ISO

Posted on August 20, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 11 with 9 Comments

Last night, Microsoft made Windows 11 build 22000.160 available to Windows Insiders in the Dev and Beta channels. And it also made its first Windows 11 ISO available to those who wish to clean install Windows 11; of course, this being the Insider Program, the ISO is for an older build.

There is only one major new change to Windows 11 in build 22000.160: It includes the Focus Sessions feature in the Clocks app that Panos Panay teased two weeks ago. This build also displays estimates in the Power menu for how long a restart will take; this feature is still in testing and only appears on PCs with SSDs. And that’s it.

As for the ISO availability, you can download that here. This will enable mainstream users to experience the Windows 11 Out of Box Experience (OOBE) for the first time, though more technical users have had access to this since June, and since I documented this process long ago, you won’t be surprised to discover that Microsoft has re-added the ability to name your PC during Setup.

Still, it’s nice to see a public, official source for a Windows 11 ISO, even if it’s an older build. (You can easily upgrade to this week’s build, of course.)

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “New Windows 11 Build Arrives with Focus Sessions, First ISO”

  1. JerryH

    It is likely the prior build due to a breaking bug in OOBE in build .160. We've already had two of the builds (.132 and .71) that have had breaking issues for enterprise and were not sent to Dev channel enterprise machines. It seems they are breaking a lot of stuff in between builds and not bothering to call them out in the known issues - just trusting that Windows Update has a block in place and making folks wonder why they don't get the newer builds. We've gone as far as opening bugs (via an enterprise program) and finding that even the folks triaging the bugs aren't told of the blocks in place.

    • eric_rasmussen

      Sounds like Microsoft's stellar communication skills have made their way into the enterprise support group. :)

      I'm a bit concerned that they're still breaking basic things this late into the development cycle. I'm beginning to wonder if Android app support will be deferred to a future release / service pack and won't be in the release build this fall.

  2. sfernley

    The ISO is build 22000.132 but it checks for updates during OOBE and assuming you are online, it will auto upgrade/in place upgrade to build 22000.160 during the OOBE/Setup.

  3. javial

    I downloaded the 22000.160 ISO version of Windows 11 from de Microsoft oficial Windows Insider download page, not an older version.

  4. straker135

    Just updated to 22000.160 and the Clock app is unchanged from original, no Focus Sessions item. Maybe this is one of those streams within channels thing, I'm on Beta?

  5. spiderman2

    I like the new clock UWP app

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