Dev Channel Moves Past Windows 11 1.0

Posted on September 2, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 11 with 13 Comments

With the first release of Windows 11 pretty much finalized, Windows Insiders in the Dev channel have a new Windows 11 build to test. And it’s for a future version of Windows 11, not the version users will get on October 5.

Yep. That’s how wacky the Insider Program is these days.

“[The] build number [for this build] is higher than [that of] the Windows 11 preview builds you’ve been receiving,” the Insider team tries to explain. “That’s because we’re moving the Dev Channel back to receiving builds from our active development branch (RS_PRERELEASE) [or what should be called “the prerelease development branch]. This means the builds released to the Dev Channel no longer match the Windows 11 experience that will be released to customers on October 5th.”

It’s [sort of] clear now that this is what Microsoft meant when it told us that the Dev and Beta channels would soon diverge, and that Dev builds could be less stable: now they’re not even for Windows 11 1.0! So that’s fun, I guess, though the first few builds won’t include any new features or major changes.

There are, however, some minor changes. Build 22449 includes an algorithm change to the still-new SMB compression feature, a new progressive ring animation during boot-up instead of the Windows 10-style ring of animated dots, acrylic backgrounds in notifications, and other minor changes. There is also an alarming number of bug fixes, given that users around the world won’t be getting them in Windows 11 1.0, presumably. (Maybe bug fixes will be pushed to the Beta channel too.)

Microsoft also tries to clarify the shitty way that it is booting testers without supported hardware out of the Insider Program for Windows 11.

“Now that we are moving [the] Dev Channel forward with newer Windows 11 builds than what will be released to customers on October 5th,” the Insider team notes, “those PCs [that do not meet the Windows 11 hardware requirements] have been opted out of [receiving new builds] and [will] likely see [a] message [explaining this] in the Windows Insider Program settings page [under Windows Update]. However, they will still receive Windows 11 Cumulative Updates leading up to general availability.”

At that point, of course, they will be on their own and will need to manually reinstall Windows 10.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Dev Channel Moves Past Windows 11 1.0”

  1. lezmaka

    I have a Surface Pro 4 (so an unsupported i5-6300U), just connected up to it and it's currently auto-installing this new build, so not sure why I got it since it's supposedly unsupported.

    • crunchyfrog

      I just recently read that MS was easing up on some Intel CPU's that were previously not eligible to get Win11. Not sure if this is the case here but it would look bad for them to ban their own creations from the latest Windows version.

      • robinwilson16

        My Intel NUC 7th Gen has just updated to this build too and I expected it not to be supported as thought only the 7th gen chip in the Surface Studio was supported.

  2. will

    The problem with the Dev and Beta side of things is no one, except Microsoft, knows what the Dev channel release schedule looks like. On the Edge browser-side, Dev channel is 1-2 versions ahead with that channel getting weekly updates. Dev is the early release that everyone will get within 1-2 months. However, on Windows, we do not know when the dev channel stuff will ship.

    Is this a couple of months? Is it the next 2022 release for Windows? IMO knowing the general release schedule for the Dev channel would be very helpful for everyone. But if not the Dev channel, then the Beta channel should have a more defined public release schedule that is known.

  3. rm

    Could they be using the Dev Channel to test the first post release cumulative update the will go out soon after the release? That way they can temporarily freeze the code for release to OEM's etc..

  4. freezal

    Original Surface Book currently downloading the ps_prerelase build 22449.1000 as I type. No warnings that I was kicked out of the dev channel (still in it) just the usual your device is not compatible and may experience unpredictable behavior. I think MS maybe stating some things that are not completely true and correct. (surprise, surprise)

  5. Daniel Blois

    They should have waited 6 more months to release Windows 11 and add something substantial to it, while also making it more streamlined. Finish all the control panel items into settings, finish changing all the all dialog boxes into the new Windows 11, add back most of the features for the control panel, 3rd party support for widgets, Add a sidebar to any monitor (now that we have very widescreen monitors), make a MUCH better touch mode, actually upgrade file explorer (and move it to the store, so we do not have to wait for windows versions for it to update), etc.

  6. blue77star

    I could not be more happier to stay on Windows 10 knowing that it will enter the phase of its life cycle where everything will be stable and no more crazy updates breaking things. The next 5 years I can truly enjoy stable OS.

    • hrlngrv

      Bad news: it's only 4 years and 1.5 months to mid-October 2025, what with 2025 - 2021 = 4 and all.

      • blue77star

        :D Good enough. I am really waiting for LTSC version later this year.

      • epguy40

        well 4 years might seem a LONG time for some people

        so that does not bother me

        guess that's why I use Win10 LTSC versions

  7. derylmccarty

    Well, I have to admit that this is the first time that I have truly bricked a PC, and I bricked my Laptop 4 i7 with 22449 today. It went on just fine and loaded up as usual in about 20 minutes (the 22000 series had been taking about 10 minutes ) but then I took a little nap, turning off the computer first but when I came back it booted to the desktop but NO taskbar and the mouse would not select, neither would the touchpad or pen. Without that there is no Windows update restart from scratch mode and so it sits.... a great paperweight though. Yes, Paul, I do know that dev channel is risky, but the risks have always been minor or not at all and I have been skip or dev since 2014, and beta since 2000. No files were lost though, to my knowledge. We shall see what Hub can conjure up to redownload 22000 or 22449. Life is always such fun.