Insiders in Dev Channel Get a Windows 11 Taskbar Fix

Posted on September 23, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 11 with 5 Comments

Anyone who noticed that their Windows 11 taskbar wasn’t properly centered will be delighted with build 22463. Otherwise, the Dev channel continues to push forward with no new features for some reason.

Or as Microsoft puts it…

“It will be a little while before major new features show up. However, this build includes a good set of improvements and bug fixes.”

Sounds like the sort of thing that should be happening in the Beta channel, which is pushing inexorably to the initial public release of Windows 11 on October 5. But whatever: build 22463 does fix that taskbar centering issue, and several changes of little importance (a single window got rounded corners, for example, and there’s a new icon in Quick Settings; that sort of thing).

As for the known issues, the list is, of course, quite long, and probably will be for many months to come. There are multiple problems across Start, the Taskbar, Search, File Explorer, Widgets, the Microsoft Store, and more.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Insiders in Dev Channel Get a Windows 11 Taskbar Fix”

  1. johnlavey

    All those problems and Windows 11 is being OFFICIALLY released on October 5, 2021. Need we ask what's wrong with this picture?

    • lwetzel

      It is a DEV release. Separate and less reliable than the Beta which is separate and less reliable from the release coming Oct 5. The sky must be falling.

  2. SvenJ

    I am delighted. I did in fact notice. How could you not?

  3. randyaccv

    I found when I undock from my super-wide monitor with 3 windows snapped, left middle right, I go to my laptop and have to adjust the size of those windows to use them properly, by making the change, I lose the snap group and I have to re-snap them when I dock again.

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