Let’s Fix Windows 11 (Premium)


Just days from now, Windows 11 will ship in an incomplete, regressive state. That’s too bad, but fixing Windows 11 is easy. And while I expect Microsoft to make most of these fixes in the coming months, when user feedback finally starts impacting the product, I think it’s worth being proactively constructive now.

My most obvious and general idea is to make the user interface truly consistent. Not sort-of consistent, actually consistent. And that work should start with context menus: There are still too many context menu styles in Windows 11, and while Microsoft has already fixed some of this in the Dev channel---like the old-fashioned menu that appears when you right-click Recycle Bin---there is much more out there. For example, when using Dark mode, you can right-click the Tab actions menu in Edge and see a white context menu, but when you right-click elsewhere (like a tab), you see a dark context menu. Come on.

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