Surprise: There are Many Windows 11 Sessions at Ignite

Posted on October 13, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 11 with 5 Comments

Windows fans know that the past several Build and Ignite conferences have been light on Windows news. But that’s changing. The next Ignite, scheduled for early November, will have many sessions dedicated to Windows 11. It’s a welcome change.

To find the Windows 11 sessions, visit the Sessions section on the Microsoft Ignite website and then search for “Windows 11.” You’ll find 30 so far, and I bet there will be more by the time Ignite actually arrives. (Obviously, many are tangentially related to Windows 11 because they’re about Microsoft 365 or whatever.)

Among the entries are Windows 11: “The 11 things every organization should know,” “Agile, collaborative, secure: Why adopt Windows 11 today,” “Ask the Experts: Protecting Always Connected Windows on ARM PCs for the hybrid workforce,” and many others.

And if you’re interested in Ignite, note that Mary Jo Foley and I will be participating in the show again. I’ll have more details about that soon.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Surprise: There are Many Windows 11 Sessions at Ignite”

  1. brettscoast

    Excellent thanks for posting Paul.

  2. sherlockholmes

    Maybe they need so many sessions to explain why its so incomplete :-P

  3. saint4eva

    Windows is exceptionally important now than before.

  4. blue77star

    I have feeling that Microsoft will have a hard time to convince anyone to update to Windows 11.

    • rm

      It may take them 5 years. ;)

      That gives them 2 years to complete the OS so mass adaption will occur. What ever they can get away with not including will be less bloat to carry forward.