Stardock Releases Fences 4

Posted on December 8, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10, Windows 11 with 8 Comments

Stardock announced that Fences 4 is now available for Windows 10 and 11 with a Windows 11-style UI and a new Peek feature.

“Fences is a program designed to keep your desktop organized, and with Fences 4 we have added new productivity enhancements: Peek and Desktop Display. Getting started is easy and the robust set of features makes it possible to automatically keep all of your files, apps, and folders, neatly organized on your desktop,” a recent Stardock blog post explains.

Basically, Fences lets you use your Windows desktop as an organizational tool. By default, it adds rectangular areas, called fences, to your desktop for things like Programs, Folders, and Files & Documents. But you can also move, resize, delete, and completely configure fences as you like, of course, and create new fences of your own.

With Fences 4, this utility picks up a new Peek feature that lets you access your fences on top of whatever applications or windows you’re using: just type WINKEY + SPACE. Yes, that can be configured too, and you can configure Peek to be press and hold or a toggle. Fences also has a rollup feature that will collapse fences into a smaller title bar-like view until you mouse over it.

Fences 4 is $9.99, but it’s also available as part of Stardock’s Object Desktop suite. You can learn more at the Stardock website.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Stardock Releases Fences 4”

  1. spacein_vader

    Seems weird that while one of their most popular products is used to remove the Windows 11 UI they choose to adopt it in another product.

    • kcarson97404

      I wouldn't say that Start11 removes the Windows 11 UI, but allows it to be configured the way you want. I use Start11 with the Windows 11 style, but love being able to group and place the icons. I get the best of the beautiful look of Windows 11 with the flexibility and configurability of Windows 10.

  2. ringofvoid

    Start11 provides 4 different styles of Start menu: Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11, & "Modern". You can keep the Windows 11 style if you like but it includes a plethora of configuration options to tweak how it works. It's not just about removing the Windows 11UI

  3. matsan

    Wow - brings some nostalgia back. Before moving to Mac I used Fences and Start8 to get back Windows 7 start menu and loved both applications.

    Hey Brad - can't you make a mac version of Start10???

  4. lwetzel

    He made the introductory trailer on the website for Frames 4. Way to go Brad! Nicely done.

  5. brettscoast

    Excellent news, I have used this program before and it's been very good, this is a useful addition to your windows desktop environment.

  6. martinusv2

    I am trying to bribe my TI guy at work to get me Fence, need it on my work computer :)

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