Latest Windows 11 Preview Hides New Wallpaper Stickers and Other Secret Features

Posted on February 7, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Windows 11 with 7 Comments

Microsoft could have several new Windows 11 features in the pipeline including stickers for desktop wallpapers and traces of a new tablet mode. The unannounced features have been spotted and shared by Windows watcher Albacore on Twitter, though it’s not guaranteed yet that Microsoft will make them available to all testers.

With wallpaper stickers, Microsoft may give Windows 11 users another way to personalize their desktop with something that should resonate with users of popular messaging apps. Stickers should appear within the Settings app, and Albacore also mentioned a new Sticker Editor that will be accessible via the right-click menu on Windows 11.

The Windows enthusiast also uncovered a couple of interesting hidden changes in recent Windows 11 Insider builds, including a new Sustainability section in the Settings app. This page currently includes options for making Windows 11 devices more energy-efficient as well as recycling information. Albacore also mentioned that the Focus Assist feature has been renamed Focus, and it should gain new granular options including an Outlook scheduling feature.

Lastly, Albacore also discovered a new taskbar setting labeled “Automatically hide the taskbar when using your device as a tablet.” Microsoft didn’t really do some extra work to optimize Windows 11 for tablets so far, but this is still a popular form factor and tablet users may really appreciate the option to maximize screen real estate.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce these secret Windows 11 features, but the Windows Insider team recently explained that it was planning to make the Windows Insider Dev Channel slightly more experimental. “In some cases, these concepts will never ship, but by experimenting more, we can better refine experiences, and deliver solutions in Windows that truly empower our customers to achieve more,” explained Windows Insider lead Amanda Langowski.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Latest Windows 11 Preview Hides New Wallpaper Stickers and Other Secret Features”

  1. Bart

    I am looking forward to more features in Windows 11. But I am incredibly curious how Microsoft will determine which feature will make the cut.

  2. SvenJ

    I know it's none of my business on someone elses stuff, but I cringe when I see a laptop covered with stickers, a car that looks like stickers is what holds it together, even binders that look like old timey travel trunks. Stickers on desktops...why? Oh why?

  3. shark47

    The problem with the tablet mode is that it doesn't really work. For instance, the New York Times crossword page works fine on an iPad. On a Surface, I have to manually turn on and off the keyboard as I go from clue to clue, if I'm not using the physical keyboard. It's painful. Also, autocorrect doesn't work as well as it does on Android or iOS.

  4. anoldamigauser

    Google Chrome gets a new icon and Windows 11 gets stickers. Glad to see these tech giants pushing the envelope.

  5. justme

    So why are they investing time in Stickers, a feature no one seems to have asked for, but Drag and Drop to the Taskbar, which many people have asked for, is ignored?

    How are Stickers empowering Microsoft's customers to achieve more?

  6. Greg Green

    A sustainability section from a product that arbitrarily demands many dispose of their old hardware and purchase new hardware in order to install the product?


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