Windows 11 Field Guide is Now Available on Thurrott Premium!

Posted on October 5, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 11 with 19 Comments

I’m happy to finally announce that I’ve uploaded the first 27 chapters of the Windows 11 Field Guide to this site for Thurrott Premium members. This web-based version of the book will exist alongside the PDF, MOBI, and EPUB versions that I will soon publish for sale via Leanpub, and each will be updated in lockstep with the other going forward.

You can find the website version of this resource here on It’s organized like the book, of course, and you can see the table of contents (TOC) on the right, with the chapters (articles) I’ve posted on the left in reverse chronological order. These 27 chapters represent most of the first 7 sections of the book, most of which were outlined here, but I have more chapters to add in the Multitasking and Files sections too. Those updates will be uploaded in the next week or so.

I’m still finalizing how this will work exactly, but sometime after the Windows 11 Field Guide is made available on Leanpub, I will be making that version of the book available for free to Thurrott Premium members as well, as a thank you for your support. Those who are not Thurrott Premium members will be able to purchase the book from Leanpub as with my previous e-book, the Windows 10 Field Guide.

And looking to the future, I have much bigger plans than the 27 chapters that are currently available.

I recently mapped out how I think the rest of the book will progress, and while I can’t make any specific promises, the Windows 11 Field Guide will eventually be a very long book, with many additional sections and chapters. I’m currently planning several additional sections—Help and Recovery, Hardware, Accounts, Security, Internet and Networking, Apps, Microsoft Edge, Productivity Apps, Digital Media Apps, Games, Command Line, Virtualization, Accessibility, and Utilities—and each of those should have several chapters each.

I’m not sure how fast this will happen, either, but I hope to complete at least a few chapters each week going forward. I will publish them to the site and the book at the same time.

However it turns out, the Windows 11 Field Guide should rival some of the longest Windows Secrets books I helped write in the days when paper-based books still made sense. My hope is that this becomes a must-have reference to Windows 11 and that publishing it to the web will result in feedback that can help drive future updates.

Thanks again. This was a long time in the making, but it’s finally coming together.

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