Microsoft Edge to Follow Chrome Support Schedule on Windows 7

Posted on January 13, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Edge, Windows 7 with 7 Comments

Microsoft confirmed today that it will support Edge on Windows 7 for the same 18 month+ timeframe as will Google with Chrome.

Confirmation of this policy comes via Rich Woods at Neowin, who writes that Microsoft confirmed to publication “that it will commit to the same timeframe as Google.” Google recently said that it would keep its Chrome web browser up-to-date on Windows 7 through at least July 2021.

The Microsoft schedule makes sense, given that Edge is based on the same Chromium underpinnings as is Chrome. But I further assume that this schedule is only for individuals and that Edge will be supported for businesses that opt for the Extended Security Updates (ESUs) that Microsoft is offering for Windows 7 through 2023.

Combined with its continued support of Security Essentials, an AV product, on Windows 7 past tomorrow’s end-of-support (EOL) life cycle, it appears that Microsoft has found a way around extending support for everyone: This 10-year-old platform may not be getting OS updates anymore, but it will be protected by Microsoft’s web browser and AV solution. Many will see those as reason enough to keep using it without much worry.

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