Living with Windows 7: The Dream is Over (Premium)


With the end of Windows 7 support last week, I’ve returned somewhat begrudgingly to Windows 10. And you know what? It ain’t all bad. Which makes sense, since it includes a decade’s worth of changes that Microsoft’s made to the platform since the initial release of Windows 7. Many of them are even improvements.

Yes, there were a few hiccups on the way, the insane over-reaction to multi-touch and mobile in Windows 8 being obvious examples. But most of the changes are a net positive for most Windows users. And that’s good news. Because regardless of one’s feelings, it’s time to put Windows 7 in the rearview mirror. As I wrote previously, Windows 7 is a ticking time bomb and, thanks to its hundreds of millions of active users, a nice, plump target for hackers.

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