Alexa Is Coming to Your Hotel Room

Posted on June 19, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon with 16 Comments

Amazon is bringing Alexa to your hotel room. The company today announced Alexa for Hospitality, a new platform for hoteliers that will allow them to integrate Alexa into their hotel rooms.

The company is teaming up with Marriott International to bring Alexa to select properties in Marriott Hotels, Westin Hotels & Resorts, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Aloft Hotels, and Autograph Collection Hotels this summer. With Alexa, guests will be able to access a bunch of different services. While guests will be able to use the regular Alexa capabilities, hoteliers can choose to take things a step further with custom Alexa Skills. Guests will also be able to access things like information about the hotel, as well as services like cleaning, room service, maintenance, etc.

In the near future, Alexa for Hospitality will also enable guests to temporarily login to their room’s Echo speaker for a more personalized experience, such as being able to play their own music from Spotify. The service will connect to the hotel’s system, and when a guest checks out of their room, they will automatically logged out of their Amazon account on the Echo which is pretty neat.

Hoteliers integrating Alexa for Hospitality will be able to control their fleet of devices from a centralized dashboard where they will get notified when certain devices go offline. They will also be able to control the available Skills and update the hotel’s information when needed. What’s more, Amazon says hoteliers can incorporate the smart home abilities in their rooms with Alexa when available.

Alexa for Hospitality marks Amazon’s entry into hotels. Marriott was rumoured to be also testing Apple’s Siri for its hotel rooms earlier last year but looks like Amazon was the winner here. And that’s not really a surprise — Google Assistant would have made for a much more competent competitor.

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Alexa Is Coming to Your Hotel Room”

  1. wright_is

    Sorry, but no. No microphones in the bedroom!

  2. JustMe

    No. Absolutely not. As someone who is on the road a lot, the last thing I want is Alexa or Siri in my hotel room. I do not want the presense of a microphone in my room that could potentially pick up every conversation I have - to home or business.

  3. Chris Hedlund

    How long until the Echo Show devices show up in hotel rooms?

  4. Stooks

    If I can't unplug it or ask that it be removed I will not stay at a hotel with one of those in the room. Same goes for any of these devices.

  5. red.radar

    I bet law enforcement will love this. ...

    and I can't wait for the pranks ...

    yelling at the door Alexa order roomservice... or Alexa order ... "payperview"

    Also...can't wait for the previous guest to leave his amazon account associated and start ordering stuff by accident....or not...

    Seriously, I love to understand the access controls and management to keep these items from being real issues I am sure they have thought this through.....god we hope.

    • Skolvikings

      In reply to red.radar:

      The article above says: "when a guest checks out of their room, they will automatically logged out of their Amazon account"

      • beatnixxx

        In reply to Skolvikings:

        Sure, and that will never malfunction.

      • red.radar

        In reply to Skolvikings:

        Wait.... your supposed to read the article.? My bad. I thought you were supposed to just read the headline and jump to the comment section with irrational conclusions and pithy remarks for some up votes...

        • beatnixxx

          In reply to red.radar:

          I did read the article. The fact that it's optional doesn't preclude people from using it and then having issues when it doesn't function properly. That will still be a problem. Not a problem for me personally, as I will opt not to use it, but a problem generally for those who do. I'm allowed to care about things beyond my own personal concern.

          I can understand you not thinking this through as you were in such a hurry to jump to the comments section with irrational conclusions and pithy remarks for some up votes.

  6. Tiny

    Alexa - tell room service to bring me a hooker.

    Darn it! I wanted a whiskey!

  7. David Berk

    And will be unplugged within seconds of entering the room.

  8. evilstewie

    makes total sense they'd want to implement these, they can replace some jobs with these things..........good thing i dont stay in swanky hotels thatd implent these..... hell days inn can barely provide wifi that works