Apple Now Has a 6.1-inch iPhone: the iPhone Xr

Posted on September 12, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS with 5 Comments

Along with the new iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max, Apple is launching a new 6.1-inch iPhone today. This new iPhone essentially replaces the regular iPhone 7/iPhone 8 models, for those who can’t afford the more premium iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max.

Apple’s new 6.1-inch iPhone Xr comes with an LCD panel, unlike the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max’s OLED panels. It’s called the Liquid Retina display, offering up 1792×828 pixels of resolution and 1.3 million pixels.

The device comes with the same A12 Bionic processor as the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, though it still packs the usual 3GB RAM. Unlike the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max’s dual-camera setup, you are only getting a single 12-megapixel sensor on the back with the iPhone Xr. It has the new true tone flash as the iPhone Xs, too. The single-camera setup doesn’t mean Apple is taking away the portrait mode from the iPhone Xr, though — instead, it’s being replaced with a software-based solution.

Since all of the new iPhones are based on the original iPhone X, the iPhone Xr will come with Apple’s popular Face ID technology for unlocking the device. Like the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, Face ID is faster on the iPhone Xr, thanks to the new faster algorithms and the faster secure enclave. As for the battery life, the iPhone Xr gives you an additional 90 minutes in battery life when compared to the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple is, however, getting rid of 3D Touch with the iPhone Xr, replacing it with a software-based solution called Haptic Touch. Apple says the new Haptic Touch feature will offer a similar experience to 3D Touch.

Cupertino also isn’t bringing the new 512GB storage options from the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max to the new iPhone Xr, so you are still stuck with 256GB storage. It is, however, going to offer more colours for the cheaper model, with new red, blue, white, yellow, and coral color options along with the usual silver grey and silver options.

The device will start at $749, starts shipping October 26.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Apple Now Has a 6.1-inch iPhone: the iPhone Xr”

  1. locust infested orchard inc

    The resolution of the Xr is not even full HD, but just 1792×828. How can that correspond to price tag of $749 ?

    No wonder Apple became the first company to have a market capitalisation of a trillion dollars.

  2. Maktaba

    “The most advanced LCD ever in a smartphone.”


    • Saarek

      In reply to Maktaba:

      Apple's LCD's have always been the absolute best in class on the iPhones. It may well not be as inky black as an OLED, but the quality will be excellent.

      For me personally if it comes down to spending £250 more for OLED or taking a high quality LCD I know I will always go for the LCD.

  3. skborders

    Good time to buy an 8 or 8 plus

  4. B Mallon

    Apple’s popular Face ID technology? is it popular or do people just tolerate since there is no fingerprint scanner? I would much rather have fingerprint ID.