Apple Now Offers Free Apple Music on Verizon Wireless

Posted on January 16, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple with 5 Comments

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Apple has already started 2019 off with a huge push in its growing Services business. After reporting its revenue shortfall, the company has been heavily focused on its Services business, at least on the PR part.

The company announced back at CES 2019 that it’s bringing iTunes to Samsung Smart TVs, as well as AirPlay 2 for all major TV makers. And now, it’s teaming up with Verizon in the United States to offer a huge deal for Verizon customers.

Apple is expanding the free 6-month trial offer to complete free access to Apple Music for customers of certain Verizon plans. Verizon users with the Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans will now get free access to Apple Music, while Go Unlimited customers will continue to get a free 6-month trial.

The partnership will obviously help Verizon lure in more customers, but it’s a bigger win for Apple. The new subscribers gained from the free offer will obviously boost its subscription numbers, and since Apple Music is available on Android as well, it won’t be limited to Verizon users with an iPhone. And Apple’s partnership with Verizon could give Apple Music the edge over Spotify in terms of subscription numbers in the United States, where Apple Music is already believed to be on the lead.

It’s not clear how long the deal will last, however. Verizon says the deal will go live tomorrow, though there is no indication of when it will end.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Apple Now Offers Free Apple Music on Verizon Wireless”

  1. jrickel96

    Expanding services beyond the Apple ecosystem is wise and can encourage people to enter the ecosystem. Reality is all of Apple's modern success is built on a single decision: moving iTunes to Windows and making the iPod work on a competing OS platform.

    Apple certainly needs to look at hardware pricing, etc. Would $100 price cuts across the board long term increase the user base enough to mitigate the hurt placed on margins? This goes for Mac hardware as well as iOS hardware in many cases.

    Making iTunes available on Samsung and even going beyond that to Roku and others is not a bad idea. The AppleTV is not a killer device and I doubt having iTunes on those other devices would impact sales much since those that buy it are deeply in the Apple ecosystem anyways.

    Other avenues to expand reach are things such as putting iMessage out on Android and Windows. That could be a huge success and, if the back end is robust enough, could be expanded for serious business application.

    I have hopes for Edge as it moves to Chromium, but Apple could make a push against Google by putting Safari back on Windows and releasing for Android. Doubt any of that happens.

  2. RonV42

    I am wondering if this is just a Trojan horse to get people to switch to Apple products. iTunes on the PC was so bad that many just jumped ship Mac's to they can manage the iPods better. Would Apple do the same with the Apple Music on Android vs. their own platform?

  3. SvenJ

    Do you think Verizon isn't paying Apple for this. Giving away services to tout subscriber numbers doesn't seem economical unless the services are ad supported. It helps Verizon to include a valuable feature. It would only help Apple if someone is paying for it.

  4. ndwilder

    This actually seems a bit unfair, if not monopolistic, towards Google...I'd like Google Play/Music for free...

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