Roku Reportedly Close to Releasing AirPlay 2 Support

Posted on March 12, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Music + Videos with 4 Comments

Roku has been rumoured to be working with Apple to bring AirPlay 2 support in the past. With Apple opening up AirPlay and bringing official support to TVs from companies like Samsung and others, this is not too much of a surprise.

Roku is expected to introduce AirPlay 2 support through a new update for smart TVs running on Roku OS and Roku media players.

MacRumors is now reporting that the company is nearing the official release of the update. A source familiar with the matter has apparently told MacRumors that Roku’s negotiations with Apple “are nearly finalized”.

The companies are reportedly negotiating a launch date and marketing strategy for the launch, though nothing has been confirmed yet. It’s possible we could hear about it at Apple’s services-focused event on March 25 where the company is expected to introduce its new TV streaming service, but I doubt Apple is willing to give Roku any sort of stage presence at the event.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Roku Reportedly Close to Releasing AirPlay 2 Support”

  1. provision l-3

    I really had no idea AirPlay was as popular as it apparently it. I have an iPhone and use it every so often to stream music but have never really had the desire to broadcast video with it. So in the context of speakers it has always made sense to me but clearly there is a market for it with video as well that I am oblivious to.

    • mattbg

      In reply to provision l-3:

      The main issue may be: how else do you stream video content from iTunes?

      Knowing how AirPlay is implemented technically, I'd prefer to use an Apple TV to access iTunes content directly rather than via AirPlay, but if you don't know why this is better (most regular users don't) then this is just how you use your iPhone to watch content on your Apple TV and it's the only first-class way to do it on an iPhone/iPad (though Chromecast is supported by many iOS apps as well).

      • provision l-3

        In reply to mattbg:

        Yeah, I use an Apple TV as well so I tend not to think about what iTunes content I have. I guess I'm also surprised that iTunes still sells enough video content to make it worth TV makers while to add support for AirPlay. I kind of assumed that people had mostly moved not on to video streaming services. I guess I fell into the trap of assuming that everyone uses stuff the same way I do.

    • richardfenoglio

      In reply to provision l-3:

      AirPlay can also be used to mirror a macOS device to a TV, so this opens the door for conference rooms in macOS-centric workplaces to use a Roku TV for presenting content.