Apple Announces iPhone 11 Pro Line With Three Cameras, Improved Battery Life

Posted on September 10, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Hardware, Mobile, iOS with 15 Comments

Apple’s newest iPhones are here. The company just took the wraps off its new iPhone 11 Pro line, consisting of the regular iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. These phones will be succeeding Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max from last year. There’s also the regular iPhone 11, which will succeed the iPhone XR.

Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are more about minor upgrades than major changes. It’s more of an incremental upgrade to the flagship iPhones than a major one.

Here’s everything that’s new:

  • The design of the new iPhone 11 Pro line is largely similar to the iPhone XS line. The display on the iPhone 11 Pro is a 5.8-inch OLED panel, while the larger iPhone 11 Pro Max features a 6.5-inch panel. It comes with a new Super Retina XDR display panel that has a brightness of up to 1200 nits, HDR, 458 pixels per inch, and is 15% more energy efficient.
  • The cameras on the devices are getting some major upgrades. In fact, the cameras are the flagship headline changes on this year’s iPhones:
    • There are now three cameras at the back, giving the devices a big camera bump that looks really out of place.
    • Apple’s adding a wide-angle lens for improved wide-angle photography. You can switch between three different modes: the telephoto camera, the wide camera, and the ultra-wide camera for three different field-of-views.
    • Apple will add a new feature called Deep Fusion with a software update later on that uses machine learning that takes 9 different images and uses every single pixel from those 9 different images to put one final image together within a second.
    • You will be able to switch between the three camera modes while a video is being recorded. Video recording will also support audio zoom, so the audio will essentially change focus when you zoom in/out of an object.
    • Apple is going after Google’s Pixel phones with improved low-light pictures, too, thanks to the new Night Mode.
    • There’s also a QuickTake feature that lets you tap and hold the shutter button to take a video without having to switch to the Video mode in the Camera app.
    • Next-gen Smart HDR
    • The front-facing camera now features a 12MP lens that will be capable of recording slow-mo videos at 120fps.
  • The new phones feature Apple’s new A13 Bionic processor, which is the fastest CPU in a smartphone ever. The new devices also feature the fastest GPU in a smartphone ever. The new processor comes with a lot of improvements for Machine Learning processing, according to Apple. The new chip includes a low power design that uses a lot less power thanks to Apple’s 7nm process. The performance cores are 20% faster, and use 30% less power, while the GPU is 20% faster and uses 40% less power.
  • Thanks to the new power improvements, iPhone 11 offers 4 hours of more battery life than the iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 Pro Max offers 5 hours more than the iPhone XS Max.
  • Face ID is getting upgraded with a new multi-angle sensor that allows users to unlock the device even when the device is lying flat on a table. It’s also faster than before.
  • Spatial Audio support
  • The new devices are more durable than before, thanks to a more durable glass and improved water and dust resistance.
  • Apple has removed 3D Touch on the new iPhone 11 Pro line, replacing it with a similar Haptic Touch system.
  • They will come with an 18W power adapter with a USB-C connector out of the box for the first time ever, allowing for faster charging. The connector on the iPhone itself is still a lightning connector, however.
  • The new devices will come in a new matte finish for improved durability compared to the glass finish on the back. There’s a new Midnight Green variant, as well as the usual Space Grey, Silver, and Gold variants.

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max will be available September 20, pre-orders start on Friday. iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999, the Pro Max starts at $1099.

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Apple Announces iPhone 11 Pro Line With Three Cameras, Improved Battery Life”

  1. dontbeevil

    OMG revolutionary, apple reinvented everything again!!!

  2. RobertJasiek

    Notch. This is everything I need to know.

  3. Thom77

    $700 entry level iPhone?

    My $120 Samsung J3 does everything I need. Podcasts. Internet radio. Audiobooks. Music. Basic web browsing. Youtube. Videos.

    What exactly are massive amounts of people doing on a $700 iPhone that makes it worth $700?.honest question.

  4. sott3

    The camera looks hideous.

  5. wright_is

    What are the focal lengths of the 3 lenses? I always miss that in these announcements.

    Also what f-stops do they support?