Apple Launches iPhone 11 With a Second Camera, Fastest Mobile CPU

Posted on September 10, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Hardware, Mobile, iOS with 10 Comments

Apple is launching the new iPhone 11 line today. Along with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, Cupertino is revealing the entry-level iPhone 11, which is succeeding the iPhone XR.

Apple is upgrading the camera on the iPhone 11 with a new ultra-wide lens. The new camera will be joining the existing wide-angle lens, all housed in a square camera bump on the back of the device. The new camera will enable features like optical zoom on the new iPhone 11, as well as improved Portrait mode and support for the new Highkey Mono mode on iOS 13. The new camera system also comes with next-gen smart HDR for improved quality. But more importantly, it comes with a dedicated Night Mode, which means pictures in low-light environments will finally be better than ever before.

iPhone 11 camera supports 4K video @ 60fps, and you can control the optical zoom on the camera while recording a video which is pretty cool. There’s also a QuickTake feature that lets you tap and hold the shutter button to take a video without having to switch to the Video mode in the Camera app. And the front-facing camera now comes with a 12MP wider camera, which means you can now record slow-mo video with the front camera for the first time ever.

The new iPhone 11 will feature spatial audio with Dolby Atmos support as well. iPhone 11 also comes with Apple’s new A13 Bionic processor. Apple says the A13 processor is the “fastest CPU ever” in a smartphone, and it also features the fastest GPU ever in a smartphone. The company is also promising an hour more battery life than the iPhone XR. Other new features include faster Face ID, improved durability on the glass, and Wi-Fi 6.

Apple’s new iPhone 11 will be available in a total of six colors, including new green and purple options. The new colors will join the existing white, black, yellow and (PRODUCT) RED finishes. iPhone 11 will be available starting at $699, available September 20, pre-orders open this Friday.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Apple Launches iPhone 11 With a Second Camera, Fastest Mobile CPU”

  1. dontbeevil

    OMG revolutionary, apple reinvented everything again!!!

  2. sandy

    No pictures of the front of the phone (I'm not watching the video), so... I assume the front is unchanged, stupid notch included.

  3. Tony Barrett

    The important two words here are 'starting at'. You can bet Apple have carefully designed the entry device to have borderline minimum specs, meaning most will end up spending considerably more. That's classic Apple (but Samsung do the same too). Neither want anyone to buy base models in reality.

    • Saarek

      In reply to ghostrider:

      The iPhone 11 is essentially the iPhone Pro without the OLED display and telephoto lens.

      My wife has the XR and I have the iPhone XS Max, in all honesty I wish I'd just bought an XR.

  4. bill_russell

    Its not like it took Apple to invent the "fastest mobile processor". Its how you choose to balance CPU power and battery life. At some point its just going to consume more battery, and depend on the battery to deliver bigger, sharper power spikes, and they are mostly dependent on transistor geometry sizes going forward. It may be a while before 3nm is available. Battery power density improvements isn't really going anywhere fast.

    It seems that apple is more aggressive with spiking the CPU on an overpowered processor or something and leads to early battery instability. I have never used a brand new iphone very long but have owned a lot of 1 or 2 year old ones and the battery reliability is always very unstable and poor, due to traditional skimping there. I don't see this typically on older android phones which always have bigger batteries.

    Also "liquid retina" is advertised for the LCD ones, which drives me crazy. This is speak for "lower resolution display than the competition and non-OLED like all the competition" I guess.

  5. yoshi

    Looks like a solid update to the Xr line, and a welcome price reduction.

    The annoying parts - still starts at 64GB and it still comes with the crap charger.

  6. johnh3

    The pricing of iPhones are very different depending on the market.

    In Sweden the "simpler" iPhone 11 with 64GB start with:

    8 919 SEK

    (much more expensive if you want more than 64GB)

    Sony Xperia 5 with 128GB and micro sd card expansion that coming out in a similar timeframe:

    7 990 SEK

    And if you pre-order Xperia 5 they will bundle some Sony earphones 1000XM3 a value of:

    2590 SEK

    It much I like about the new iPhone 11. But outside US its still a very expensive brand.

  7. jazzpackages

    Apple’s new iPhone 11 will be available in a total of six colors. Jazz Internet Packages it,s so good i love apple phone