Apple HomePod’s Latest Software Update Is Bricking Devices

Posted on October 29, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS with 30 Comments

Apple released iOS 13.2 on Monday with new features for the HomePod. The newest update to the HomePod actually introduced some useful features like multi-user support, letting the HomePod distinguish between the different voices in your house.

The latest update, however, is causing a major problem for some users. Reports around the web are claiming that the latest HomePod update is bricking the device for some people, rendering the speaker completely useless for some.

MacRumors reports that users are seeing and endless “white swirl” on the HomePod after installing the latest update. The issue prevents users from using the device completely, including being able to access Siri, or even reset the speaker in some cases:

I have two HomePods with the same issue you describe after the update 13.2. HomePods both stopped responding after the update. I reset both HomePods hoping to fix the problem, but now I have a white swirl on top of both, and the install pop-up does not work on either HomePods, and I can no longer reset both HomePods because the long press on top no longer functions. Just an endless white swirl. I will wait a while to see if others have similar issues before contacting Apple support.

The update didn’t completely brick the HomePod right after installing the latest update for some users, but it instead broke certain functionalities, and when users tried to reset their device, the process resulted in a bricked device.

Apple is yet to acknowledge the problem officially, but this is just another broken software update from the company that’s led to major problems for users. Apple recently shipped similar updates to users with major security problems, and this new HomePod update is just the latest software update to cause problems for users.

Update: Apple has now pulled the update from the HomePod, and it’s also called warning users against resetting HomePods with the latest update installer.

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