You’ll Need to Be Extra Careful When Cleaning Apple’s Expensive New Display

Posted on December 11, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Hardware with 19 Comments

Apple’s expensive new display, the Pro Display XDR, went on sale today along with the new Mac Pro. The new monitor is not cheap by any means — starting at $4,999, the monitor is easily one of the most expensive displays you can buy right now.

But here’s the thing, for $4,999, you are only getting the regular display, without a stand. So if you actually want to use the display, you would have to pay a crazy $999 for the “Pro” stand or $199 for the VESA mount adapter. And if you want Apple’s fancy new nano-texture glass, you would have to pay an additional $1,000.

If you do spend $1,000 more for Apple’s new nano-texture glass, you will have to be extra careful when cleaning the glass. In fact, Apple has actually released a support document detailing how users should clean the new nano-texture glass on the Pro Display XDR (via MacRumors).

Spoiler alert: you can only clean it with a dry polishing cloth that comes with the display. Anything else could potentially affect the display, but Apple didn’t provide a reason as to why you need to use the polishing cloth made by the company itself.

For those unfamiliar, Apples nano-texture glass is essentially a fancy name for a non-reflective, matte texture display. “The nano-texture on Pro Display XDR is actually etched into the glass at the nanometer level. The result is a screen with beautiful image quality that maintains contrast while scattering light to reduce glare to the barest minimum,” says Apple.

Apple won’t sell the polishing cloth required to clean the display at stores, so you would have to contact Apple for a replacement polishing cloth. Users are recommended not to use water or other liquids to clean the nano-texture glass, and Apple has even detailed how users should clean the polishing cloth.

All of this does sound really annoying, but if you end up spending around $6,000 on a monitor, you will probably put in the effort to take care of the display.

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