Apple Reportedly Planning iPad-like iPhone Design, Smaller HomePod

Posted on April 13, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS, Mobile with 6 Comments

Apple usually releases new iPhones later in the year, and this year, things won’t change — despite the coronavirus pandemic. The company is reportedly planning four new iPhones for later this year, as well as two other products to accompany the launch fo the new phones.

Apple will have two iPhone Pro models this year, and two cheaper models as part of its latest generation of iPhones. The Pro models will succeed the iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max, while the cheaper variants are expected to succeed the iPhone 11. The new high-end devices will apparently get rid of the rounded corners of the current generation of iPhones. Apple is planning to go back to the flat stainless steel edges with the next-generation devices, according to Bloomberg. 

The new phones will also feature flat screens instead of the sloping edges of the current iPhone design. The company is even apparently “investigating” the idea of removing the notch that houses its Face ID sensors and selfie camera, and it’s possible the next generation of iPhones will reduce the size of the notch. Its highest-end iPhone that will succeed the iPhone 11 Pro Max is expected to have a slightly larger screen as well.

The new iPhone Pro devices will feature a LIDAR scanner in the camera module for improved AR capabilities, just like the newest iPad Pro. The devices are expected to include three cameras on the back, where the regular, cheaper variants will continue to have two cameras.

Apple’s launch of the newest iPhones could be delayed by a few weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The company is planning to launch other new hardware, too. That includes a smaller new HomePod speaker, that will cost less and will allow Apple to compete better with the likes of Amazon. Apple’s original HomePod didn’t succeed much in terms of sales, and the company hopes to change that with a cheaper model. It’s much talked about item tracker, the Apple Tags, are still apparently planned to be released sometime this year.

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