Apple Planning to Announce ARM Shift for Macs at WWDC

Posted on June 9, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Hardware, Mac and macOS, Mobile with 22 Comments

Apple has been rumoured to be working on its own ARM chips for Mac devices for a little while now. The company has been working on its own ARM-based Mac chips for years, and it could be getting ready to reveal its plans at WWDC later this month.

Codenamed Kalamata, the new project will mark a major change in Apple’s strategy for Mac hardware. For years, the company, like other computer makers, has relied on Intel chips. However, with performance gains from new Intel chips slowing down, Apple is making the move to ARM processors.

Bloomberg reports that Apple will be unveiling Kalamata at WWDC on June 22. The company will be mostly focused on developers when revealing the new project, so don’t expect to see any new hardware at the event.

Apple’s new ARM-based Mac devices will run macOS, but developers will be required to optimise their software to run on the new architecture. The technical details on how Apple plans to enable existing macOS apps to run on the new ARM-based chips is unknown at the moment.

Internal tests of Apple’s new Mac devices powered by its new ARM chips has apparently shown “sizable improvements over Intel-powered versions.” The new ARM-based chips will also enable the new Macs to be more power-efficient.

As previously reported, Apple is said to be working on at least three ARM-based Mac processors. One of the new processors is based on the A14 processor that Apple will reveal with the next iPhone, the report claims.

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