Book Update: Beneath A Surface – The Inside Story of Building the Surface Brand

Posted on October 31, 2018 by Brad Sams in Brad with 40 Comments

It was a little over a month ago that I announced my first book, and it’s time for an update as the final pages are completed.

The title of the book is Beneath A Surface and you can pre-order it here on Thurrott, or Amazon, or sign-up to be notified when it will be available on LeanPub. There will be a print edition, only available to pre-order today on Thurrott, or a version can be purchased on Amazon once the book is complete (Bezos does not currently let you pre-order physical copies of the book) and of course a digital version as well.

When announced, I was hoping that the book would be around 120 pages, as it stands right now, it’s about 160; this should be fairly close to the final length. It may flux up or down a few pages as it’s being edited and a few last details are added but should not change substantially. The book covers everything from the Surface table all the way up to products coming in 2020.

I am still on track to release the book in late November, Paul has started editing the book and this phase should take about a week or so. Following being edited, I need to finalize the layout and get it to the various outlets for distribution which takes a week.

For anyone who is curious about how the sausage is made, this book gives the best optics yet into the development of the brand. The goal of the book is to document the building of the Surface brand and I was able to do so with significant insider knowledge and with the help of about two dozen interviews; if you like Surface, you will love this book.


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Comments (40)

40 responses to “Book Update: Beneath A Surface – The Inside Story of Building the Surface Brand”

  1. Lordpunythegreat

    Awesome, I look forward to reading it!

  2. epsjrno

    Add another Amazon preorder to the list

  3. darrellprichard

    Can. Not. Wait. For. This.

  4. T182

    Count me in! Should be good reading materials for Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws.

  5. Mike_Peluso

    As someone who is trying to be a serious writer myself via blog / book, I'm curious if there is going to be a bit more of a background on the tools and process you used when putting the book together. Specifically, editing tools, why you chose Paul, structure, etc.. I would love to know as much as you are willing to share in future articles similar to the one you did on Grammerly a couple of years ago. Thanks!

  6. ommoran

    Brad, a question and/or favour,

    For those of us outside the US, where the Kindle format is less popular than, say, e-Pub, can you confirm if we will be able to purchase it in e-Pub as well?

    I'm not a fan of being locked into anyone's little walled garden, including Amazon.

  7. pwrof3

    You wrote the entire thing in a month? Or you announced it when it was almost finished?

    It sounds really interesting. The Surface 2013 launch was the most exciting time of modern Microsoft history. I remember going to a Microsoft Store the day of release of the RT to just hold one in my hands and felt, for the first time, a tablet had finally been made correctly.

  8. Gedisoft

    Can't afford a Surface Book....but a book about surface goes fine ;-). Just preordered a digital copy.

  9. Tony Barrett

    Shameless plug for this book, but then Paul does this too. Surface is a flawed design - software, firmware and hardware, marketing and support, and has been since day one. I hope the book recognizes this!

    • B Mallon

      In reply to ghostrider: I agree. A writer should not be advertising a book he wrote especially on a site he contributes to. It's disgraceful.

      I hope the book recognizes this! - Buy the book and find out.

  10. jwpear

    Pre-order complete. Can't wait to read it!

  11. Bdsrev

    Looking forward to this book!

  12. derylmccarty

    Since I am a nut job for Surface products as an original purchaser of all except pro 4, 5 and 6 (which got usurped by SB and SB2), I eagerly look forward to reading your book. I assume it will be available using only inconvenienced electrons and spare photons, not trees. So, on Amazon via Kindle or Audible????

    • Brad Sams

      In reply to derylmccarty:

      It's avail on Amazon right now (link is in the post) - will figure out Audible once we get this thing cleaned up and ready to ship.

      • derylmccarty

        In reply to brad-sams: got it! already on pre-order from Amazon (Kindle). Technical question...when you do these kinds of books (tech not fiction) does the author do the voice? Meaning that keeping the price reasonable means not paying Scott Brick or Morgan Freeman a zillion bucks a page.

  13. Brazbit

    Looking forward to it. I had read a similar book about the original Xbox and find these sorts of behind the scenes of product development books very enjoyable.

  14. zvonimirm

    Hi Brad, can you ship it to Europe (Croatia) or I should buy digital one?



  15. irfaanwahid

    Brad, I want a physical copy of the book. I am in Nairobi. Any options?

  16. matsan

    Just preordered and I hope that link in the text was an affiliate link.

  17. mmcpher

    Okay I'll bite, but only so long as Sams commits to a sequel entitled "ANDROMEDA"!

  18. CliffordSF

    Pre-ordered a paper-bound copy so I can get you to sign it some day. As a Surface fan, well, I'm excited. And I liked that tease about covering Surface up to 2020. Do I smell a scoop?

  19. Travis

    Any plans for an audio book? If so I prefer to wait for that, if you could get someone like Leo Laporte to read it.

  20. Kudupa

    Ordered the day the book was opened for pre-order. Love reading about product history of products. There are very few books like this out there, so this gonna be a page turner.