Digital Decluttering: 2024 Reset (Premium)

I accomplished a lot in last year’s big digital decluttering push, most notably the photo…

Exiting a cloud

Microsoft Finally Kills Azure Egress Fees

Bowing to pressure from AWS and Google, Microsoft announced that it would finally eliminate Azure…

Android no longer in Windows

The End of Microsoft’s Android Fever Dream (Premium)

In the heady early days of Windows 10, Terry Myerson's team did what they could…

Android choice

Google Details How it Will Comply with the EU DMA

With the Digital Markets Act (DMA) deadline looming, Google has detailed how it will make…

Three cloud giants

Google is Wary of Microsoft Cloud Moves in Europe

With Microsoft trying to evade an EU antitrust charge related to its cloud computing licensing…

Google Wallet

Google is Replacing Google Pay App with Google Wallet in the U.S.

Google will retire its standalone Google Pay app in the U.S. on June 4, 2004…

Google Meet Companion mode

Google Brings Companion Mode to Meet on Mobile

Previously available in Google Meet on PCs and Chromebooks, Companion mode is now available on…

Web browsers and innovation

Web Browsers, Innovation, and the Future (Premium)

Decades ago, I made the argument that Microsoft popularizing the GUI was its own form…

Google One 100 million

Google One Surpasses 100 Million Subscribers

Well, it's official: Google One now has over 100 million paying subscribers, a milestone that…

Google Maps

Google Maps for Android Now Displays Weather Data

Google has updated its Maps app on Android to display weather and air quality information…

Firefox rising

Tilt Shift: Mozilla Shines a Harsh Light on Enshittification in the Smartphone Era (Premium)

The power of defaults is still real, but since the dawn of the smartphone era,…

Google Maps generative AI suggestions feature

Google is Bringing Generative AI to Maps

Google announced today that it is bringing a generative AI-based location suggestion feature to its…

Google Eases Passkey Adoption for Pixel Users

Google announced an unexpected out-of-band Pixel Feature Drop last week, but it glossed over one…

Google revenues

Alphabet/Google Revenues Grow 13 Percent to $86 Billion

Google parent company Alphabet reported a net income of $20.7 billion on revenues of $86.3…

Google Cloud + Hugging Face

Google and Hugging Face Announce AI Partnership

Google and Hugging Face today announced a strategic partnership in which developers can access the…

FTC Launches Investigation Into Microsoft/OpenAI, Other Cloud/AI Partnerships

The U.S. FTC announced investigations into Microsoft and OpenAI and other related partnerships between cloud…

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