It’s Official: Google Brings Audiobooks to Google Play

Posted on January 23, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Cloud, iOS, Mobile, Music + Videos with 20 Comments

It's Official: Google Brings Audiobooks to Google Play

Today, Google announced that it is launching audiobooks on Google Play in 45 countries and nine languages.

“With audiobooks on Google Play, you can turn your time stuck in traffic, on the treadmill, or waiting in line into reading time,” Google’s Greg Hartrell explains. “Find your next great read at an affordable price, and enjoy it across Android, iOS and the web with Google Play Books, as well as on devices that include the Google Assistant, like Google Home and many others.”

I’ve already voiced my opinion on this service—Audible is clearly the better choice—but putting that aside, here is why Google says you may be interested:

No subscription required. Audible doesn’t require one either, though getting one will save you money if you buy a lot of audiobooks.

Family sharing. You can share your audiobooks with everyone in your family through Family Library for no additional fee.

Google Assistant compatibility. Audible currently doesn’t work with Chromecast or Google Assistant, but Google Play Books works just fine! No worries, Audible fans: I’ve already described the workaround I use, and it works just fine.

Pick up where you left off. Audible does this too, but your Google Play Books-based audiobooks save your listening position in the cloud so you can easily move between devices, like an Android phone on the go and a Google Home device at home.

My advice is to skip this. But there you go.


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