Google Intros New Tasks App for Mobile and Web

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Cloud, Google, iOS, Mobile with 11 Comments

Google Intros New Tasks App for Mobile and Web

Moving a tad more decisively than Microsoft, Google has announced Tasks for Android and iOS and updated its Tasks interface on the web.

“We’re introducing an all-new Tasks on web, as well as new mobile apps to help you handle work on the go,” Google’s David Thacker writes. “You can use Tasks to create tasks and subtasks, and even add due dates with notifications to help you stay on track. And because Tasks closely integrates with G Suite, you can simply drag and drop an email from Gmail into Tasks to create a to-do. Tasks with due dates can also appear in your Calendar.”

Though Google Tasks is being positioned as a business feature, it works with personal (free) Gmail accounts too.

Based on a Google how-to, it appears to work as you’d expect, and lets you create tasks and lists, access tasks from Gmail or the mobile apps, organize and update tasks, add notes and due dates, sort and delete tasks, and more. In short, everything a to-do app should, ahem, do.


You can download Google Tasks for Android from the Google Play Store. A version for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is available from the Apple App Store.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Google Intros New Tasks App for Mobile and Web”

  1. djross95

    "Moving a tad more decisively than Microsoft"... That's a pretty low bar!

  2. wolters

    I'm a long suffering Microsoft To-Do user that left Wunderlist when To-Do came out. I've waited for To-Do to get better and it just hasn't. I've recently thought about going back to Wunderlist but I may embrace this since I am fully in the Google Ecosystem (with a lot of Microsoft apps too.)

    I've tried a few things with it. It doesn't show tasks on the calendar and doesn't have a widget. It is rudimentary at best...

  3. Polycrastinator

    One of the reasons I stick with ToDoIst is because there's a Windows app and Google Home integration. I'm guessing the Windows app will come as a PWA if it does at all, and once that's there this'll be something I'll look at, but not before.

  4. smahoneysr

    Microsoft ToDo is way better, google task no time no repeating it is only 1/10 of what todo is. I use ticktick, after using all todo apps from everywhere I find that ticktick does everything needed.

    • wolters

      In reply to smahoneysr:

      Spending a few minutes with the Task app, I can agree. No calendar integration (though To-Do is missing that with Google Calendar too.) It is truly basic.

  5. Jeff Jones

    I thought Keep was going to be Google's task replacement system.

  6. Jeff Hensel

    I've been using Google Keep form some time but was disappointed when Google cut the integration with Google Home. But I stayed with Google Keep's multiple lists, Android and iOS apps and web interface. Heck, I can even share the shopping list with my wife. But now there is Google Tasks (again I think as some previous lists appeared within the app when I installed it). I sure hope Google integrates Tasks with Google Assistant's shopping list. Wait, is that 3 to do/task lists from Google?

  7. Watney

    Lame. No repeat, reminder. Disappointing

  8. DBSync

    Another "experiment" Google will drop when it loses focus.

  9. FirstRingToRuleThemAllDaily

    My wife and I still use Wunderlist but given that that is supposed to be going away and ToDo has 0 features we like this might be something to look at it...

  10. dontbe evil

    Oh look, outlook task, or ms to do?