Enough with the F#*!ing Ads (Premium)


We live in an era of subscriptions, where any content can be ours for the taking, at least temporarily, via a monthly or annual fee. But the flip side of this all-you-eat model is grim: because many cannot afford subscriptions---especially multiple subscriptions---many services also offer free, ad-based versions. And because ads don’t pay as well as subscriptions, those ads are getting more voluminous. And more annoying.

We all saw this shift on the web long ago. Back in the mid-2000s, one could make a great living using just Google’s ad system, but that changed over time to become a lot less lucrative, leading to more and more aggressive ads everywhere. Today, virtually all websites---yes, including this one, though we do offer a Premium subscription that removes most ads---are a cesspool of annoying ads that include animations, auto-playing videos, elements that jump on top of actual content, and other terribleness. I can’t read an article via Google News on my iPad without dodging these irritants.

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